Reboot & Recovery Experiences


Life: A Creative Adventure

Life is a creative adventure. It makes demands. There's the joy of creating new things and the pain of watching cherished creations fail. There's real risks that come with acting on your own ideas and the challenges of communicating with those who not may understand risk at all. But warriors do it anyway. Finding compassionate, nonjudgmental guidance capable of understanding the ups and downs of this process can be life-changing. 

The Conscious Warrior

Creative, action-oriented people are everywhere in every profession - from art, business, media, and tech worlds, to fringe and traditional trades and warrior cultures. What separates conscious warriors from everyday adventurers is warriors live to create answers for unknowns. So much so they often focus on it to the point of obsession. Creating and executing in uncertainty doesn't feel like a choice, and when unable to do so they suffer. They see it as their purpose. 

Where we come in

We help conscious and creative warriors reconnect to their truth. We do this by facilitating deep learning experiences through compassionate challenge, radical openness, reflection, and group feedback. We build tribes, and then add in a mix of people with the most powerful stories we know to mentor and guide.

We do this purposefully, but without agendas and while challenging you to stretch in ways that only experienced guidance can provide. 

Woke Warriors Reboot & Recovery Experiences

‚ÄčOutings for creative leaders and professionals in recovery

Forget fake it until you make it. Embrace real.

Look, we're all in a battle. Life's hard. And to some degree we're losing along the way. So we're all in recovery. No matter how evolved and what our job or role, it's easy to lose touch with who and what we are and how we serve. In other words our truth. But if we want to be happy we must find our way back to our core truths.

Woke Warrior Intensive 3 day reboots combine the basic elements of time in raw nature, radical honesty and group feedback to create a path back to the clearest you. You'll also get time-honored rituals and ceremonies that have been hallmarks of wisdom and warrior cultures throughout the ages to get clear on your next great step. And they're will be fire too. Designed for conscious warriors of all types, come as you are and leave with more of you.

Our Woke Warriors Recovery Experiences are limited to sober professionals (adult men and women) with at least 6 weeks of active recovery under their belts. Non-religious but faith-based and built for the consciously evolving these groups focus on the opportunity of recovery as a universal transformational experience.  


Woke Warriors Challenge Group provide a safe space for conscious and creative professionals to address the challenges of living an authentic life. Many ancient cultures called this "The Warrior's Way." Really it's about becoming more mindful and aware. 

Groups offer the time to explore personal needs and challenges, solicit feedback, and confront barriers to growth. Get access to exclusive guest mentors- from elite conscious warriors like former Navy SEALs and Rangers, to influential world healers and shamans. Facilitated by an experienced group therapist and creative founder, this group sets the table for new levels of clarity and purpose to emerge.

Groups are limited to 8-12 people and meet every two weeks for 90 minutes per session. Video-groups are limited and only available upon special request.

Woke Warrior Recovery Groups meet weekly and are limited to working professionals with at least 8 weeks of sober time under their belt.

Membership is $350 per month, with an initial 6 month commitment. Groups launch as they fill.

How to join a Woke Warriors Group

Step 1: Apply

Step 2: Interview

Step 3: Meet with your group

About The Founder 

Jerry Gaura is a veteran turned therapist with a fine arts and philosophy degree. Jerry's guided folks from every walk of life, from MD's & artists to shoe salesman. A lifelong creative and healer, he's been lucky to parlay his work with innovators into a brand that features the stories of conscious leaders in diverse fields, including NY Time's best selling authors, Navy SEALs turned CEOs, NPR storytellers, world-renowned healers, top podcasters, Forbe's business gurus, and more. 

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