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Couples - Cultures & Teams

When push comes to shove, creative warrior cultures and partnerships do best. They secure the trust needed for innovation. But creativity isn't a button to push - it's the ear mark of genuine connection. In this six hour workshop you'll get in touch with the inner dynamics behind authentic communication and the tools that inspire meaningful relationships. Discover how to relate in ways that spur curiosity and compel conscious cultures to come together and grow.

Couples looking to grow will find a path to reestablish intimacy, improve connection, evoke trust, and forge a level of security that encourages true freedom in creative partnerships. 

About The Founder 

Jerry Gaura is a veteran turned therapist with a fine arts and philosophy degree. Jerry's guided folks from every walk of life, from MD's & artists to shoe salesman. A lifelong creative and healer, he's been lucky to parlay his work with innovators into a brand that features the stories of conscious leaders in diverse fields, including NY Time's best selling authors, Navy SEALs turned CEOs, NPR storytellers, world-renowned healers, top podcasters, Forbe's business gurus, and more. 

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