Not audio journalism dreamlike-audio docudramas & videos around strange but true life stories

 Based in Collinsville Connecticut, we believe great stories are good medicine. 

Founder and Creative Director of TOOWI MediaAlso therapist, vet, and dad to a magical kid with Down Syndrome named Gus. Cali-born and raised in the Rockies and Appalachians, he likes getting into nature. 


A Detroit native, Shannon is an award-winning storyteller, podcast producer, and writer. His shows Homemade Stories and The Trouble play on Chicago's WBEZ radio network.

Former Navy SEAL and CEO of Nacho Media & Elite Meet. A Quincy Mass. native, ironically John is more nacho than macho. 

Executive Producer for Development at NBC Universal Media

Joe & Meg Barnard

Joe is a former Lt. Colonel and Airforce Pararescueman and Meg a Yoga entrepreneur. 

Jon is an author, shaman, and member of Xinfu Team, which offers guidance to high profile business leaders. 


Fullerton California-based Burger Records partners to provide music for episode soundtracks. 

Chris Mosson

Christopher is an San Francisco-based radio producer who's co-produced for KCRW's Here Be Monsters and The Kitchen Sisters. He helped spearhead Indiana's first and only teen LGBT+ public affairs radio program.

Video producer and founder of Colorado-based Shred Head Productions .  Like dogs, mountains, and speed. 

Marilyn Mossein

Marilyn is a production intern and senior at Yale's Film and Media Studies program. She likes writing Sci-Fi for film and TV.  

Deshaun Thomas

Press and publicity intern and lead photographer. Van-living fan. 

Matt Griffin

Story adviser and co-founder of Combat Flip Flops.  Goes to war for peace. 

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