We are a relationship company. 

We produce movie for the ears podcasts around epic life stories. 

We partner with conscious and creative pro's and co.'s attached to real-world missions. A veteran run company, our mission is inspire, challenge, and entertain through creative media and specialized wellness services.  

15% of media revenue is being used to fund a peer mentorship group for Down Syndrome Youth. 

Based in Collinsville Connecticut, TOOWi began as the creative adventure of a veteran turned therapist with a fine arts and philosophy degree. 


Jerry Gaura


Jerry is Founder and Creative Director of TOOWI Media. When not creating, he's serving creative warrior types through coaching, therapy, or speaking. He's also dad to a superstar kid with Down Syndrome named Gus


Superpower - story tracker

Dan Gaura


Dan is a lead video collaborator and founder of Shred Head Productions based in Colorado Springs Colorado. He loves his dog, speed, the mountains, and all things media.


Superpower - seeing the angles

Noah Barrios


Noah is a social media intern and part of our guest research and outreach team. He enjoys making and listening to music, sports, hanging out with friends & family, and travel.


Superpower - ready for anything


John Allen


CEO & Co-Founder of​ Elite Meet, a company that places elite vets into top jobs. Navy SEAL. Born and raised in Quincy MA. Philosophy and English at UMass Amherst. Coffee, Red Sox. Fantasy football. Husband. Father.

Joel Carpenter


Producer, writer, and Co-Founder of Speaker-Buzz. Former Army Ranger. Dedicated husband and dad, ardent movie buff, and risk adviser for Amazing Race.

Joe & Meg Barnard 

 Joe and Meg are devoted change agents. 


Joe is a consultant, risk analyst, and former Lt. Colonel in the Airforce where he served as a Pararescueman


Meg is entrepreneur, wellness pro, Yoga instructor, and standout military spouse. She and husband Joe are partnering on a venture to support military couples.

Shanon Cason


A Detroit native, Shannon is a award winning storyteller, podcast producer, and writer. A former Grandslam Champion of NPR's The Moth, he hosts Homemade Stories and The Trouble both featured on Chicago's WBEZ radio network. He is a regular on Snap Judgement.

Josh Gaura


CEO & Founder of Weevil Outdoor Supply Co,  Josh is a dad, hubby, mountain biker, and outdoor therapy aficionado. Product maestro. 


Jon Rasmussen


From Silicon Valley to Shaman, Jon is an adviser, author, and member of Xinfu Team, which offers guidance to high profile leaders and CEOs. 

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