We do #truth stories. 

Movie-like podcasts & video around epic origin stories. 

TOOWi began as the creative adventure of a vet turned therapist with a fine arts and philosophy degree. A conscious company, a percentage of proceeds go to guest causes.  

Based in Collinsville Connecticut, we believe great stories are good medicine.

Founder and Creative Director of TOOWI Media, Jerry is also a practicing therapist and dad to a magical kid with Down Syndrome named Gus. Cali-born and raised in the Rockies and Appalachians, he likes getting into nature.


A Detroit native, Shannon is an award-winning storyteller, podcast producer, and writer. His shows Homemade Stories and The Trouble play on Chicago's WBEZ radio network.

Former Navy SEAL and CEO of Nacho Media & Elite Meet. A Quincy Mass. native, ironically John is more nacho than macho. 

Executive Producer for Development at NBC Universal Media

Joe & Meg Barnard

Joe is a former Lt. Colonel and Airforce Pararescueman and Meg a wellness entrepreneur. They are active in supporting healthy relationships in the special forces community. 

Jon is an author, shaman, and member of Xinfu Team, which offers guidance to high profile business leaders. 


Fullerton California-based Burger Records partners to provide music for episode soundtracks. 

Marilyn Mossein

Marilyn is a Production Intern and senior at Yale's Film and Media Studies program. She likes Sci-Fi and writing Sci-Fi for film and TV.  

Video producer and founder of Colorado-based Shred Head Productions 

Deshaun Thomas

Deshaun is a community engagement intern and part of our social media marketing team. 

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