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Life Stories & Leaps of Innovation

  Episode 01   

Johnny Bang Reilly is a celebrated artist, musician, fighter, and agent of change inspiring people through his eclectic OSU brand. In this premiere episode, Johnny shares the story of his struggle growing up as a biracial child in an abusive home. Hear how he survived his near-abandonment at birth and battled his way through the mean streets of 1960's London to find freedom through music and dancing. 

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What is Value X?

Why do some thrive through the tough stuff while others fall apart? Why do some find happiness and success, and others don't? Join us as we deep dive the life stories of creative and influential people around the world. Learn about the wipeouts, crackups, and recoveries  -and the moments that inspired their greatest leaps of innovation. 

Jerry Gaura, Founder, Host

What listener's are saying...

Thoughtful and Inspiring

"Jerry interviews with the mind of a detective, the heart of a therapist, and the soul of a zen master."  S. Walbran

High Production Value

I have a few podcasts I listen too. Dan Carlin's history stuff. The weekly archaeology channel podcast. Some Joe Rogan. But man, yours is ultra listenable. High production value as if crafted by elves!  N. Hughes

Super Intimate & Empowering

Thanks for creating a safe space where creativity, vulnerability, and unique paths to success are lifted up! Colemill



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