Woke Warrior Stories


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A world's top gamer becomes a Navy SEAL and then after retirement challenges "The Warrior's Code."


David Rutherford

A college athlete faces his fear of death on the battlefield after quitting his dream. As a Navy SEAL he finds the answer he least expected.

Mark Divine

A Navy SEAL returns to war to revision his life after a crackup in the brewing industry.

Brent Gleeson

A SMU Graduate faces 911 and the death of a friend after quitting his finance job to become a US Navy SEAL.

Joel Carpenter

A young actor finds early success but changes course to become a US Army Ranger when 9-11 hits. 

Joe & Meg Barnard

​U.S. Airforce 

Two In The Drop Zone

A Lt. Colonel and his wife face the ultimate trial of a special forces career when faced with a training accident and manslaughter charge. 

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