Warriors, artists, and outliers, and interesting people inbetween 

Johnny Bang Reilly

on Pioneers Of Insight 

Johnny Bang Reilly is an artist, fighter, musician, and founder of the eclectic OSU brand.

Issues and expertise: fighter, musician, voice-overs, racism, activism, mental health, philosophy

Shannon Cason

on Pioneers Of Insight

Shannon Cascon is a former Moth Grand Slam Champion and host of the acclaimed Home-Made Stories Podcast. He has a new show called The Trouble on WBEZ Chicago.

Issue and expertise; storyteller, truth-teller, podcaster, recovery (gambling), producer

Calvin Wayman

on Pioneers Of Insight

Calvin is CEO of Cobbs Media, host of Million Dollar Case Study, an author & social media influencer.

Issues and expertise; self-confidence, social media, writing, debt recovery, big families

Chris Kubbernus

on Pioneers Of Insight

Chris Kubbernus is the CEO of digital marketing agency Kubb & Co and a brand maestro.

Issues and expertise: corporate exits, brand building, no b.s. marketing, entreprenuership

Cameron Brown

Pioneers Of Insight

Cameron Brown is a National Geographic Explorer and CEO of planet-friendly brand Thriving Collective.

Issues and expertise: advocacy, coaching, travel, personal growth 

Scott Mulvaney

On Pioneers Of Insight

Scott Mulvaney is founder and host of LIVE THE FUEL podcast and brand. He is a former Hotshot, an elite wildland firefighting unit.

Issue and expertise: adventure, risk, firefighting, sales, brand building, fitness

Shajen Joy Aziz

Pioneers Of Insight

Shajen Joy Aziz is a teacher, master educator and author of Discover The Gift.

Issues and expertise: grief and loss, transformation, healing

Marcus Aurelius Anderson

on Pioneers Of Insight 

Marcus Aurelius Anderson is a TEDX speaker, author, and mindset coach. He is a US Army veteran.

Issue and expertise: recovery, mindsets, rehabilitation, fitness

Nicole Jansen

Pioneers Of Insight

Nicole is a CEO, host, coach, and founder of Discover The Edge.

Issues and expertise: business, family business, personal growth, restarts

David Wolf

on Pioneers Of Insight

David Wolf is veteran music producer, podcast distributor, and host of Small Biz America Radio.

Issues and expertise: Music production, risk, family business, financial recovery

Shannon Walbran

on Pioneers Of Insight, Beyonders

Shannon Walbran is a former NGO director turned celebrity psychic now practicing in South Africa.

Issues and expertise: guidance, addiction, transformation, intuition, purpose

Jon Rassmussen

on Pioneers of Insight, Beyonders

Jon Rasmussen is an author, adviser and Shaman. He serves as a celebrity healer on TV and has guested alongside stars like Rob Lowe.

Issues and expertise: guidance, transitions, spirit, healing

Vanessa Petronelli

Pioneers Of Insight, Beyonders

Vanessa Petronelli is a CEO, teacher, and spiritual channel for leaders. She previously had a career in entertainment.

Issues and expertise: self-esteem, celebrity, awakening, guidance, channeling

Tone Floreal

Pioneers Of Insight, Beyonders

Enter your text here...Tone Floreal is a flow coach, world traveler, and founder of the FlowReal brand.

Issues and expertise: heartbreak, depression, awakening, performance, flow

Akbar Sheikh

Akbar Sheikh is a consultant and serial entrepreneur.

Issues and expertise: self-confidence, purpose, faith, addiction, recovery, money 

Mark Divine

Pioneers Of Insight, Woke Warrior Stories

Mark Divine is a former Navy SEAL Commander, CEO, podcast host, and a NY Time's best selling author.

Issues and expertise: mindset expert, fitness, spirituality, yoga, business, performance 

Rob Howze

on Pioneers Of Insight

Rob Howze is a CEO and high performance coach based in the Washington D.C. area

Issue and expertise: faith, purpose, fitness, health, personal growth, recovery

Brent Gleeson

on Pioneers Of Insight, Woke Warrior Stories

Brent Gleeson is a CEO, international speaker, and author of best seller Taking Point. He is a former Navy SEAL who deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Issues and expertise: mindsets, leadership, personal growth, faith

John Allen

on Pioneers Of Insight, Woke Warrior Stories

John Allen is a former Navy SEAL and CEO of Elite Meet.

Issues and expertise: leadership, marketing, self-esteem, purpose, veterans, entrepreneurship, gaming 

David Rutherford

on Pioneers Of Insight, Woke Warrior Stories

David Rutherford is a speaker, CEO, and co-host of Team Never Quit Podcast. He is a former Navy SEAL and CIA operator who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Issues and expertise: transformation, purpose, media, fitness, mental health, art

Stephanie Summerville

Pioneers Of Insight

Stephanie Summerville is an actress and storyteller who's been featured on The Moth Mainstage and TEDX. 

Issues and expertise: storytelling, racism, recovery, mental health

Joel Carpenter

Pioneers Of Insight, Woke Warrior Stories

Joel Carpenter is a producer, cofounder, author, and adviser for tv shows like Amazing Race. He's a former Army Ranger who saw combat in the Iraq War.

Issues and expertise: purpose, story, faith, movies

Matthew Griffin

Pioneers Of Insight, Woke Warrior Stories

Matt Griffin is Cofounder of Combat Flip Flops and a former Army Ranger who deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Issues and expertise: conscious business, family, substance abuse, recovery, mental health, entrepreneurship

Hamilton Souther

Pioneers Of Insight, Beyonders

Hamilton Souther is Cofounder of One Energy Global and Blue Morpho Shamanic Center

Issues and expertise: death, transformation, consciousness, travel, psychedelics, Ayahuasca, Shamanism 

Johnny Walker

Pioneers Of Insight, Woke Warrior Stories

Johnny Walker is a former interpreter for the Navy SEALs and author of Time's best seller Code Name Johnny Walker. 

Issues and expertise: culture crisis, war, resilience, Iraq,  communication

Joe & Meg Barnard

Pioneers Of Insight, Woke Warrior Stories

Joe Barnard is a retired Lt Colonel Airforce Pararescueman. He and his wife Meghan counsel active spec forces couples on how to maintain healthy marriages.

Issues and expertise: couples issues, marriage, special forces, communities, leadership

Damien Echols

Damien was formerly sentenced to death row after being falsely accused in a triple homicide. The case of "The West Memphis Three" was the subject of HBO's hit true crime series Paradise Lost. He was exonerated on DNA evidence thanks in large support to entertainers like Eddie Vedder, Johnny Depp, and director Peter Jackson. He is now an author, artist, and leading figure in Magick

Issues and expertise: grief, trauma, insight, spirituality, consciousness

Andy Roy

Andy Roy was a former pro skateboarder and key figure in skateboarding's rise in the 90's. He disappeared from the pro circuit at the height of his career after being introduced to heroin. Formerly sponsored by Stanta Cruz and AntiHero skateboards, he continues to draw attention from skaters young and old. 

Issues and expertise: addiction, recovery, survival psychology, skateboarding

Zack Hughes

Zack is a former Green Beret who served in Afghanistan until his discharge in 2018. He is also a survivor of the active shooter tragedy carried out September 15, 1995 by Larry Gene Ashbrook in Fort Worth Texas.

Issues and expertise: veterans, PTSD, gun violence, special forces operations, combat injuries