A busy tv exec loses a husband then travels to Thailand to attend her stepdaughter's sex change operation

A psychologist seeks answers after waking up with a strange symbol on his hand

A suburban family discovers there is no normal

A Texas teen sets out to become a Green Beret after surviving an active shooter massacre

A therapist is asked to coauthor a book about the afterlife by his dead lover

A pro skater bounces in and out of Cali's worst prisons after free-falling into heroin addiction

A teen goes from bored in Arkansas to death row after being falsely accused in a triple homicide


A Pararescue couple are put to the test when an ill fated jump leads to manslaughter charges

A ramped-up Ranger returns to Afghanistan to make things right after the war

An actor finds early success but abandons Hollywood to become a Ranger when 9/11 hits

An artsy athlete goes on a death trip after failing to become a Penn State football star

An Iraqi's American Dream is rekindled when he lands a job as an interpreter for the Navy SEALs

A world's top ranked gamer escapes his parent's basement to become a Navy SEAL

A young analyst faces 9-11 and the death of a training buddy after quitting his job to become a Navy SEAL

A Zen operator returns to war to rethink his life after a crackup in the brewing industry

A graduate flies to the Amazon to study with Shamans after the death of a close friend

A heart-broken traveler becomes an island celebrity in Guam after a mysterious "holy shift"

The path to become a Pop Star clears for a teenager after she hears a voice from above. 

A graduate studies with Shamans in the Amazon after the death of a close friend

A journalist hears a voice from above while attending a political conference in the Sinai Desert

A Buffalo teen unravels a miracle when his friend's car is hijacked at gunpoint

A young man builds an empire from a windowless utility closet after a near overdose

An Indiana native lands on NYC's storytelling stage after escaping racism and fundamentalist schooling

A CEO reinvents herself after the loss of a family business and failed marriage

A successful music producer leaves his career to take on his cousin's bankrupt bagel business

A solider wakes up to discover he's paralyzed just a few days before deployment

A teenager struggles to find her place after the loss of her mother and a home fire

A salesman becomes a wildland firefighter after a whirlwind romance with a free spirit in Arizona

A determined Aussie strikes out on a global mission after a breakup and suicide of a neighbor

A new dad is tested by a man named Frank while working as a door-to-door solar salesman

A frustrated employee goes "out of body" after a fight with his boss and vows to build a marketing empire

A Detroit homeboy finds new life as a Chicago storyteller after a divorce and gambling wipeout

A biracial youth battles the mean streets of 1960's London and finds freedom through music and dancing

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