#Truth Stories

Interesting people share their moments of truth - i.e stories about situations they didn't have answers for


Movie-like podcast + animated videos + downloadable indie soundtracks

#Dragonsbread pulls you into a dreamscape where the ground beneath your feet could collapse at any moment..."  -Glynn Washington, Snap Judgement

#Dragonsbread accomplishes everything I look for in a podcast. Provocative, mesmerizing and intimate. Great real storytelling with cool music. Well done.”   -Alec Sokolow, writer (Toy Story)  

"Dragonsbread adds a certain richness to stories that aren't often heard, and when they are, make us realize we were missing the emotional complexity that they bring." -Tracy Ullman, NBC

Our next in deep-diving epic origin stories, we turn to life's slippery moments. Why?... Because beyond answers lies truth. Host Jerry guides you through stories where bullshit stops and only #Dragonsbread exists. 


A busy tv exec loses a husband and then travels to Thailand to attend her autistic step-daughter's sex change operation.


A psych professor searches for answers after waking up with a mysterious symbol on his hand

A teen goes from bored in Arkansas to Death Row after being falsely accused in a triple homicide

A New York therapist gets a surprise request to write a book from his dead lover

A pro-skater lands in Cali's worst prisons after free-falling into heroin addiction

A teen becomes a Green Beret after surviving an active shooter massacre

Life gets weird for a tax attorney after his wife and dog disappear in the living room


A TOOWi Original 

Fall 2020

May 2020

Tracking the "alien" through dreams, trips, sightings, NDE's and more... 

Short stories of encounters and conversations with nonhumans 

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