#Truth Stories

Interesting people share their #wtf stories - i.e. the moments they ran out of answers.

Hear from heros and villains, fallen celbs, outlaw do-gooders, outliers, and the weird kids now adults shaking things up.  

Move-like podcast & mashup video series.  Downloadable soundtracks.

Drops 09.2019

Our next step in deep-diving epic origin stories, we turn our focus to the slippery moments in life. Why? Because beyond answers lies truth. Host Jerry guides you through stories where bullshit stops and only #Dragonsbread exists. 





Damien Echols

August Goforth

Andy Roy

A teen goes from bored in Arkansas to Death Row after being falsely accused in a triple homicide

A New York therapist gets a surprise request to write a book from his dead lover

A pro-skater lands in Cali's sketchiest prisons after a free fall into heroin addiction

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