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Dead Lovers Do Tell Tales

August Goforth

Some interviews baffle me as they provide windows into what appears to be an inconvenient truth. Some people just find themselves at the center of things. Around other people who find themselves at the center of things. #Wtf is that?…

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This definitely seems to be the case for a NYC therapist named August Goforth. I chased this fella down for an interview almost a year before I kicked this project kicked off. I can’t remember where or how I heard about him, but I did. Maybe a faculty friend, as I think what’s I was doing then. Anyway, I had to get story behind a guy who’s writing a book with his dead lover. This thing sat in the can awhile as I wasn’t sure where to use it. But I knew I wanted to, as his story is just too damn good. It has a wicked sweep, from gifted Arkansas mountain child trained at Juliard, to the powder keg of NYC’s early 70’s gay rights movement, to hanging with spiritual outliers like Jane Roberts (Seth books fame), to a white light recovery moment from alcoholism, oh and also a near death moment. Just a fascinating tapestry of background experiences to set up this fellas #wtf moment. Press play to get a look at the teaser. This should drop some time in September, if I can keep the wheels and lights on over here.

About the Author Jerry

I'm a vet turned therapist and now media co founder. Basically I seek out truth stories. There's the lies we tell ourselves and those we inherit from the world. I deep dive the life stories that challenge that slippery space we call truth in between. Mostly that means I interview the weird kids now adults redefining our world, or complicating it.

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