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RipSlide: Heroin is a shitty friend

So Andy Roy basically fell off the grid of the pro-skater circuit in the 90’s. Where he went was hell basically. This epically wild dude with a good heart went on the ride of his life into full blown heroin addiction. Gangs, crime, and prison time in some of California’s sketchiest prisons followed.  Add in shame and estrangement from his sponsor Antihero skateboards and crew. I got to interview him from rehab, which was crazy. Actually how he got into rehab thanks to his buddies Stevo-o and Bam Margera from Jackass ended up being a big part of his story. It was an honor talking to him. Not just because he’s skate legend, but because it’s always great talking to truth tellers. And that’s not a knock on anybody, we’re all just wired for bullshit. Having worked in addiction, I’ve always thought addicts in recovery could do alot for our world, which is on tilt when it comes to honesty. We need people who can talk straight more than ever. And that journey from a life of lies to truth is about as steep and hard as it gets for folks who’ve been caught in addiction. They earn their truth. Anyway, this dude gives zero fucks about what anyone thinks. He’s got a handle on his bullshit-struggle or not- and I appreciate that.

We’re considering producing this episode for our new mixed media video series #DRAGONSBREAD.  We’ll let you know if it’s a go. 

Link to audio landing page and audio trailer:

LP: http://bit.ly/aroy-lp

Audio trailer: http://bit.ly/aroy-at-x

Full episode and video will be out shortly.