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War & Art On The Jericho Mile: Navy SEAL David Rutherford’s journey from Penn State football hopeful to poet warrior

So imagine a character working at Blackwater  -a dude who’s a former CIA operator and Navy SEAL. Ok, now just let the image pop up and really sink in.

Now imagine that same character chatting excitedly about life, death, and personal growth with a health junkie who digs DMT trips and airing out the ups and downs of open relationships. Not sure what you imagined, but I didn’t imagine I’d find this character here.

But that’s exactly where I discovered David Rutherford. I caught him on the Aubrey Marcus podcast, which for those of you unfamiliar is kind of a no-holds barred dialog on sex, health, change, and consciousness.  Marcus, who’s the CEO of performance supplement Co. Onnit, has become somewhat of a popular media figure in the alt health worlds.  So “Rut,” as he’s known to friends and fans of the Team Never Quit Podcast, is no longer in Kansas so to speak.  He left “down range” for “down home” and hit the ground running. He’s now talking shop with the sharpest transformation junkies. It’s an impressive leap and one that definitely caught my attention. He seemed the perfect fit for our show.

David, or “Rut” as fans and friends know him, co-hosts a show alongside his buddy and beloved national hero Marcus Luttrell. The movie Lone Survivor was based on co-host Marcus’s survival story. He’d survived a horrendous ordeal following the infamous Operation Redwing snafu, in which the SEAL Team sent to rescue him was shot down in Afghanistan.

Anyway, I was blown away by David’s chat with Marcus. While Marcus is famous for delivering great chats, David did more than hold his own. He ran. So from there I quickly migrated to Team Never Quit and was even more impressed. David facilitates the show alongside cohosts Marcus and a shadowy operator known as the Wizard, a true smarty parts in wolves clothing. This isn’t your typical meat ball patriotism and lock and load wack fest. While there’s a high side and lots of enthusiasm, especially on David’s part, these guys lock into piercing explorations with A level guests, most of which have overcome epic challenges of their own. It’s anchored in sound wisdom and insight. So you can see why I was intrigued. Having now done the interview with David I can say this dude knows how to talk to where change turns to transformation. And he’s got lots of angles. David considers himself an artist who joined the SEAL teams. So I pushed him in our deep dive to really expose the origins of that. David started out as an obsessive child athlete from a well off family who ran into a buzzsaw when he got into college. Apparently he had plans to play QB at Penn State Football, but that dream was thwarted by another kid with a dream, college Hall of Famer Kerry Collins. So he basically fell into a hole that was filled by the company of tortured artists and tempered by mysticism. But Rut’s story only got better, as we dredged the impact of powerful failure and the artist’s disposition on the warrior’s journey. I found the interview enlightening and enlightening and a ton of fun.

You’ll find a bit of everything in this story, and a killer soundtrack as we ran with a Door’s inspired theme.

We hope you enjoy. 

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