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Dead Lovers Do Tell Tales

August Goforth

Some interviews baffle me as they provide windows into curious truths. Some people just find themselves at the center of things. Around other people who find themselves at the center of things. It’s like a thing, a gravity. #Wtf is that?…

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This definitely seems to be the case for a NYC therapist named August Goforth. I chased this fella down for an interview almost a year before I kicked this project kicked off. I can’t remember where or how I heard about him, but I did. Maybe a faculty friend, or perhaps I stumbled upon one of his books. Anyway, I had to get the story behind the guy writing a book with his dead lover, presumably. This interview sat in the can awhile as I wasn’t sure what to do with it. But I knew I had to produce it, as his story is rich and full of history as it is fantastic. It has a wicked sweep, from gifted Arkansas mountain child trained at Julliard, to the powder keg of NYC’s early 70’s gay rights movement. He hung with spiritual outliers like Jane Roberts (Seth books fame), fell into the darkness of a serious alcohol addiction, then had what’s known in the “rooms” of AA as a “white light”experience. Instant sobriety. Add a near death experience to that mix. Just a fascinating tapestry of background experiences to set up this fellas moment of truth story. The teaser’s out. This should drop some time in September, if I can keep the wheels and lights on over here.

Whoever’s listening out there, I appreciate you.


You can’t be a dragon but you can eat #DRAGONSBREAD. We’re jumping off a cliff with this new show. Mashup video series + movie like podcast. The #wtf moments of interesting people.

So we’ve been busting our balls cranking out movie-like podcasts and vids around epic life stories for awhile now. When I say “we” I’m talking the royal we. There’s me, a couple cool interns, and sometimes a video guy. Anyway, I think we’re ready for the next step. #DRAGONSBREAD will be our first shot at producing a video series. It’ll be a mashup mixed media and animation type thing. They’ll also be a movie-like podcast too. The show will feature truth stories. But the gate for telling those stories will be the  #wtf moments of interesting people. You know those moments you run into where all your stories no longer work and you’re like #wtf do I do now?… It seems everything new and interesting starts with this moment.

So imagine you’re a teenager doing teenager things and one day you’re arrested for a murder you didn’t commit and end up on death row. Or you’re an IRS tax attorney and one weird night you watch your wife and dog vanish before your eyes in the living room. Or you’re a CIA operator and in a post mission debrief you’re told to ignore a sex trafficking ring. But you don’t. Stuff like that.

We’re going out there folks. With #DRAGONSBREAD I’m thinking Xfiles meets Losers with the intimacy of an Inside The Actor’s Studio.

So you should know I’m a therapist, but a grade A weirdo too. And why shouldn’t I be? I grew up binging Nintendo, Kung Fu films, and knock off D&D games. I spent more time watching Twilight Zone and fishing with my Dad than actually talking to him. I read Kurt Vonnegut, UFO books, and Orwell and went to church youth groups. I listened to my grandfathers tell way too many war stories, mostly told while drunk. I signed up for SEALs out of high school, but grew up rescuing stray animals. So you know… there’s alot bouncing around in there.

Anyway, the idea behind this show fleshes out like this…

We’re all doing our best in this crazy world. But all any of us has is the stories we tell ourselves and what the worlds tells us.  But neither are truth. They are versions of truths for sure, but not “The Truth.” The world is truth. What we can see, hear, taste and touch. The reality that binds and holds us.  As the saying goes, “the truth is out there,” it’s not a story. But weirdly this Truth truth always remains a step beyond us. We can never quite touch it. Well, supposedly great beings like Buddha, Mother Teresa, and Jesus have, but again, these are stories too. But what we do have is our personal version of truth, aka experiences based on our encounters with the world. Our lives, in other words. Very interesting things tend to happen when bring our personal truths and intentions into the world. When these two forces of truth come together world’s collide and something like magic shows up. Things we never imagined possible happen, almost daily.  Seems there’s no limit either. Science, religions, and economies tells us what’s possible all the time but each gets turned on its heads by 14 year olds building shit in their grandparent’s basements and “crazy” people. If there’s any secret ingredient behind how this happens, a catalyst to breaking new ground, I’d say it’s the #wtf moment. A close cousin to the “aha” moment, the #wtf is way less comfortable. It’s a sort of rendevous with the unexpected that knocks us out our spells. It forces us to think differently and do new things. It’s a moment of truth, so to speak, where our stories no longer work and our bullshit comes to a screeching halt. We either make room for something new or spin out. On this show we’re going to deep dive this #wtf moment – and the slippery middle earth where we’re forced to think and do different.

So the plan is to launch with 3 episodes for a pilot series. We’ve interviewed Damien Echols from HBO’s Paradise Lost series, and will kick it off with that. He’s got a hella #wtf. But we’ve got a diverse guest list with some mind-bending stories to follow with too. This is everything we’ve been working towards and I am stoked to get it out there.

So come along for the ride if you’re good exploring people’s moments of truth. And they’re truths.  But you got to be cool with your own truth for that too happen, otherwise this show will just come off as a threat and piss you off. For now you can follow along and contribute here or keep up by signing up for the newsletter at toowimedia.com 

RipSlide: Heroin is a shitty friend

So Andy Roy basically fell off the grid of the pro-skater circuit in the 90’s. Where he went was hell basically. This epically wild dude with a good heart went on the ride of his life into full blown heroin addiction. Gangs, crime, and prison time in some of California’s sketchiest prisons followed.  Add in shame and estrangement from his sponsor Antihero skateboards and crew. I got to interview him from rehab, which was crazy. Actually how he got into rehab thanks to his buddies Stevo-o and Bam Margera from Jackass ended up being a big part of his story. It was an honor talking to him. Not just because he’s skate legend, but because it’s always great talking to truth tellers. And that’s not a knock on anybody, we’re all just wired for bullshit. Having worked in addiction, I’ve always thought addicts in recovery could do alot for our world, which is on tilt when it comes to honesty. We need people who can talk straight more than ever. And that journey from a life of lies to truth is about as steep and hard as it gets for folks who’ve been caught in addiction. They earn their truth. Anyway, this dude gives zero fucks about what anyone thinks. He’s got a handle on his bullshit-struggle or not- and I appreciate that.

We’re considering producing this episode for our new mixed media video series #DRAGONSBREAD.  We’ll let you know if it’s a go. 

Link to audio landing page and audio trailer:

LP: http://bit.ly/aroy-lp

Audio trailer: http://bit.ly/aroy-at-x

Full episode and video will be out shortly.

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