About Jerry


So a couple years ago I flew the corporate coop and began deep-diving the lives of interesting people. Heroes, not heros, artists, and outliers. The weird kids now adults doing things differently. Honestly I didn't know what the I was doing nor the hell I was facing. But I'm a therapist with an artist's heart. Apparently I knew just enough. So two years, three podcasts, and 8 advisers later, I realized I could finally start.

I've managed to get some great people to rally behind me. Artists, activists, superpowered weirdos and slayers just gobbling up life. Some have become advisers. They are truth tellers who fire my hope.

So big pic I hope to do more than just create good media. I want to scale a For Public Benefit Company here. I believe story is the best medicine, and perhaps the best way to support great causes world-wide.

On the personal side, I'm dad to gem of a kid with Down Syndrome named Gus. He's the only person I know who makes everything alright, without trying. I have a dream of helping widen the path for magical souls like him. 

When I'm not producing, I'm a therapist. I like working with creative-types.

I'm also a vet. Some of my friends and advisers are too, the conscious kind. 

Some people have said...

"#Dragonsbread pulls listeners into a narrative dreamscape where the ground beneath your feet could collapse at any moment..." 

-Glynn Washington, Snap Judgement

"#Dragonsbread adds a richness to stories that aren't often heard and when they are, make us realize that were missing the emotional complexity they bring." 

-Tracy Ullman, NBC

“Dragonsbread accomplishes everything I look for in a podcast. It pulled me in immediately. Provocative, mesmerizing and intimate. Great real storytelling with cool music. Well done.”

-Alec Sokolow, writer (Toy Story)

"Jerry has real conversations with his guests. And takes us beyond the scripted responses to get true feelings and emotions that are inspiring and share overwhelming insight. It's a good show. You gotta listen."

-Shannon Cason, Producer,  NPR Storyteller