We are a relationship company.

We produce movie for the ears podcasts around epic life stories. 

We partner with conscious and creative pro's and co.'s carving unique paths to success and happiness. A veteran run company, our mission is to empower wellbeing through creative wellness and media services. 

25% of our media revenue is being used to fund a peer mentorship group for Down Syndrome Youth. 

Based in Collinsville Connecticut, TOOWi began as the creative adventure of a veteran turned therapist with a fine arts and philosophy degree. 

Jerry Gaura

Jerry is Creative Director, founder of TOOWI Media, and host of The Pioneers of Insight Podcast. When he's not creating, he's presenting, coaching, or offering therapy to creative and sensitive professionals and people in need. He's also dad to a super cool kid named Gus

Superpower - story tracker

Dan Gaura

Dan is a collaborator and founder of Shred Head Productions based in Colorado Springs Colorado. He loves his dog, the mountains, and all things media.

Superpower - seeing the angles

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