About The Founder

Hi folks, my name's Jerry. I'm a therapist and founder of a media brand that uplifts and entertains. I'm a creative at heart so I love to do that through story. 

Why go from therapy to media?...

I've always been deeply curious and inspired by life. This has led to some adventures and some trouble along the way. For instance I've had Killer Whales for friends, led young men in the wilderness, shot film and played music. -I've guided people from all walks of life, including many beautiful souls caught in addiction into recovery.  But I've also been attacked by a Bald Eagle, publicly humped by a dolphin, washed out of Navy SEALS training at 19, and and wiped out chasing some dreams along the way. So creative adventuring has always been part of my game. Now that I have the skillset to deep-dive the stories behind adventures, media seemed like a logical next step. 

A Little About Me

The best adventure by far came the day my son Gus was born. He's a child with Down Syndrome. He's four now. I'm not sure what this kid did, but everything changed. He's a great teacher who's impacted me in ways I couldn't see coming.  He's a miracle to me.

What's this brand about?

Life stories and great leaps of innovation

So our episodes feature the life stories of influential people. We look at their wipeouts and recoveries. Many are the weird kids now adults helping to redefine the cultures of success and happiness through business, healing, and art. Creative entrepreneursOthers are explorers and adventurers pushing limits by carving unique paths to success and happiness. Innovators.

We do this because many of these folks have faced the seemingly impossible and made the adjustments that others could learn alot from.  I use my professional skillset to deep dive hearts and minds and tease of the patterns behind their creative leaps.  We then highlight the stories in these interviews with cinematic audio to give you a show that challenges as well as entertains. 

The Mission

Our mission is simple. We hope you walk away from each show feeling rewarded for the time you spent. We also hope the content to reflects the power and  magic of the people behind these stories. Overall our goal is to spark the next big question that inspires the leap in your success and happiness journey.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoy the stories and perhaps take advantage of some of opportunities we have here to support the well-being of creative entrepreneurs.  More importantly, I hope you're enjoying the story you're writing with your life each day and making room for more. 

Grace to fill your sails,



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Favorite Pastimes: goof off time with Gus, nature, all things water, noodling with new media

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