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One of the most meaningful experiences of my life. Thank you.”

Our sessions together yielded a number of breakthrough results. I can't sing his blessings enough!

Jerry is​ truly gifted. His ease w/ presentation of a wide range of facts and looking at feelings and how important it is to acknowledge and recognize them for our own journey.

Jerry is passionate, wonderful, and knowledgeable. Calm demeanor, very educational, sincere, compassionate and assertive. We love Jerry!"  

"You made me realize more in an hour than I have known in years. It was 2x more than I expected."  

It felt to me like something out of the ordinary was happening during our workshop. It certainly was not ordinary for me.  ...And as a group, we clicked with you, you with us, all of us together.”  

Jerry, your delivery of tons of content and managing the emotions in the room rocks!  Your passion and compassion are felt.

Thank you Jerry. I was amazed at the time we spent together and the perfect fit you are to your career.” 

“I'm usually pretty critical, but I couldn't come up with anything that could be changed to improve upon.

“I had no idea what I would gain and I've been totally amazed. Jerry broke things down so we could understand, made it real, and didn't give up until we got it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


"#Dragonsbread pulls listeners into a narrative dreamscape where the ground beneath your feet could collapse at any moment..." 

-Glynn Washington, Snap Judgement

"#Dragonsbread adds a richness to stories that aren't often heard and when they are, make us realize that were missing the emotional complexity they bring." 

-Tracy Ullman, NBC

“Dragonsbread accomplishes everything I look for in a podcast. It pulled me in immediately. Provocative, mesmerizing and intimate. Great real storytelling with cool music. Well done.”

-Alec Sokolow, writer (Toy Story)

"Jerry has real conversations with his guests. And takes us beyond the scripted responses to get true feelings and emotions that are inspiring and share overwhelming insight. It's a good show. You gotta listen."

-Shannon Cason, Producer,  NPR Storyteller


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