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Curiosity Is The Highway to Your Genius

Fearlessness is one thing, being relentlessly curious another. To be driven by an insatiable desire to know is a trait of true innovators and leaders. Live in your curiosity. Poke it. Be driven to feed it with discovery. 

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. – Albert Einstein

Have you ever noticed how curious happy and successful people are?…Nobel prize winners, innovators, inventors, great couples, artists, achievers and leaders. Along with a great reverence for life there’s often a wild, child-like energy.  It can freak people out. But why?These folks have unlocked Pandora’s box unleashing an energy that will fuel and feed them throughout their lives. Renowned psychologist Guy Hendricks calls this the “zone of genius.” People living in it can seem, well, curious. If you get close to people operating in their zone of genius you’ll discover a curiosity that’s driven by more than the desire know something. There’s the insatiable drive and spirit to discover new things and a true reverence for life.  They are plugged into electrified by curiosity.  

Lot’s of the greats have talked about the powers of curiosity. Such as…

The Dali Lama…

The more we are curious about the world, the clearer our minds become and the more we develop a spirit on initiative.

And Walt Disney…

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

The greats seem to see curiosity as the engine of innovation and discovery. Rockstar Physicist Neil Degrass seems to agree, but states it a little more directly.  He says…

No one is dumb who is curious. The people who don’t ask questions remain clueless throughout their lives.

So curiosity seems important especially if we want to operate out of our zone of genius in our life. What can we do to unlock it?

Here’s (1) suggestion

Play.  Allow yourself to laugh, have fun, and be freakishly curious in all you do. If you’re afraid, no big deal. Your curiosity is in there. The muscle just needs some exercising, it’s likely a little flabby. 


  • HANG OUT with a  kid  – Kid’s don’t even have to be playing to be locked into their curiosity -they are just there. Hang out long enough and you’ll begin to get back in touch with where you started.  Inside each of us is a child at play. No matter how hard you try in your adult life, you will never be able to ditch the kid in you. Psychology has plenty to say about this reality if you don’t believe me.  I’m lucky enough to have a 3 year old power plant of amazing named Gus.  Down Syndrome has not limited his curiosity one lick! He’s a great teacher and daily reminder to stay in touch with curiosity. He’s actually trying to wrestle the mouse out of my hands right now! Curious kid!  
  • UNLOAD your questions – the truly curious are insatiable learners.  Again, look at kids! So create a mission to ask new questions daily. Make it a game, your questions don’t have to be serious. They can be ridiculous, provocative, and powerful questions.  Play and adjust as you go. Once you ask a question step back. Take the time to listen and learn from people. Underneath curiosity is a powerful need to make NEW CONNECTIONS. Asking the right questions can create the  space for meaningful connections to be made -but again, you have to be willing to listen.  Your ego needs to take a back seat, which is a healthy exercise for anyone. 

Ok, I hope you enjoyed this foray into the usefulness of curiosity.  Go be curious today, folks!  See you in tomorrow’s Daily Insight. 



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Master Fear, Master Life

Fear is powerful. We may not always control when or where it will show up, but we do have a choice in how we respond to it. Fear plays a starring role on the path to freedom and greatness. Look at the masters in any field and you will see not only successful people, but courageous souls that  OVERCAME fear by learning to use it to their advantage. For the great, FEAR becomes an invitation to play a greater game – The Great Game. They take the risk to venture into the unknown and are rewarded by becoming a new and more powerful version of themselves. This willingness to get uncomfortable is what separates them from those caught perpetually cycling in mediocrity. They are not unlike others, they fear the loss of their comfort and safety too, but they take action anyway. For instance, during an interview at Y-Combinator, Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk openly admitted, “”I feel fear quite strongly.”  Why is somebody like Elon willing to push through the fears that keep most stuck?  Well he’s discovered that the quickest way forward is to run towards the obstacles. You got to get in the mess to untangle it.  And he -like other greats – have discovered that fear is not the enemy. This is something that Aristotle talked about 5,000 years ago.  He said, “He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.”

So the true enemy of success and happiness is not fear, it’s the fear of FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE FEELINGS. There’s a belief that life can only be good when we feel good. That’s a humdinger of a mixed message that keeps people stuck and good. The way to permanently shift of that mindset is to make a friend out of FEAR. Learn to see fear as an invitation to the greatest show that will ever be produced – YOUR LIFE!  Accept the invite. Become the true master of you life by taking charge of your choices and decisions. Make them work for you. Be mindful of the thoughts you allow in. Only choose to honor the powerful thoughts and then take actions – don’t react  but respond in ways that will help move you toward your goal.  A good time to start practicing this is right now. Take the next moment to consider how you will respond to fear as you go forward. Maybe you’re a runner and have tried to avoid fear in the past. Consider that if you continue to do that nothing will change. Or maybe you tried fighting it or ignoring fear. Neither of those reactions will create lasting change either.  But choose to accept fear as invitation to become a greater and powerful you and everything changes.

So in closing, let me coach you up with a few final words of encouragement. Don’t back -peddle into mediocrity, or scarcity-driven thinking, or deeply painful regret of “what-if’s.” Let fear serve as your wake up call to step into the most powerful you! Hop on the dragon that is your fear and ride it! Make something truly remarkable out of your life by creating the life you’ve dreamed of starting today! #amazing#achievement #lawofattraction#entrepreneurlife #believe #business #ceo#commitment #diving #entrepreneur#growth #hustle #inspire #limitless#motivation #overcome #podcast#riseandgrind #success #thoughtsarethings#wealth #pioneersofinsight

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Heartbreak is good.

Good is forever growing around us and through us. This is easy to believe when life feels free and easy. But when not?… We’re often quick to imagine that the good has someone gone away. Poof, as if we’ve fallen through an unholy trap door. However (and thankfully) the good keeps coming anyway. The grittiest life challenges are perhaps our best opportunities to befriend and master the art of thinking, feeling, and believing which is like the holy trinity of learning to manifest an amazing life. Goodness flows and will forever grow even when when we’re not in the space to see it clearly. Thank goodness, or we’d all be in deep doo doo.

What’s goodness? Well, we could say it’s simply a reflection of the good we desire in our lives. For example, loving companionship is goodness. Passion is goodness, even when it’s the kind reserved for hat collecting and monster truck rallies. Sharing the joys of friendship and goofy belly laughter is goodness, like the good-hearted kind vs the snarky stuff that aims to harm. Throughout our lives, however, goodness goes underground to nurture the seeds of something amazing in our lives. Why? Because as the goodness knows. It’s informed by the bigger part of ourselves and the universe. As so as it matures, so do we. Essentially we haven’t made it to the right place to receive it. We’re preparing to be a good match through all that we’re dealing with. It’s not that we’re not worthy enough to receive it, we’re always worthy, inherently so. It’s simply a matter of readiness.

Imagine that we prepare and grow goodness like a gardener does. During the difficult times, especially those curve balls we could call the unexpected challenges in our lives, or the “unthinkables” we get a jolt. We’re sent sideways and are forced to reimagine, revision, and activate new levels of purpose. These unexpected challenges force us to go to work in our gardens. We get to till our gardens, turning the soil to mix in all the new stuff that’s been evoked through our unexpected challenges. When we’ve gotten over the hump, and have processed what’s happened and understand how these changes will ultimately enhance and enrich our lives, we on the good side of grace again. We’re aligned with our inherent goodness again. And that’s the all the magic that’s needed to rendezvous with the good the Universe has been preparing to greet us as we move forward in the world. The good news here is the goodness we receive is often a bit more impressive than what we’ve expected. Now, it may seem like a leap to believe that the Universe is blazing a trail ahead of us to create a space for goodness. Why would the Universe care at all? But all you have to do is look at history and the way life on our planet has evolved. Good grows as a rule. Even the worst of challenges create a path for something much more wonderful and magical to emerge. For instance I’m writing to a person who’s ancestor billions of years ago was a one-celled organism. And trillions of years before that?… A frisky dust particle and shard of light. Goodness grows, by default.

There’s an important consideration here. If we allow ourselves to stay stuck wallowing in the disappointments of our challenges for too long we may miss the opportunity that’s unfolding beneath our feet. If we don’t learn to see these challenges as part of the process and solution, that is. With the right attitude, heart-set, mindset, vulnerability, and vision that’s needed to truly change, the road will rise to greet us. This requires a radical sort of faith, a sort of sacred trust that whatever we’ve encountered, no matter how temporarily painful or dumbfounding, is preparing a place for a greater expression of good to flower in our lives and the lives of others. Goodness, in a way, first makes a home within our hearts. We can begin to create that space with the right thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings.

The question of the day is how can your master all this stuff, i.e. your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that when you’re serious pain? In times of great transition, like deaths, divorce, and the pain of broken relationships this task can seem downright impossible. But it is possible if you let in the right perspective. With the right context we can change life itself. We can manifest a life of purpose, meaning, creativity and power. We can create the energy needed to step into a life we truly desire. And we can rendevous with all the goodness that’s needed to take us there. I talked about this incredibly powerful and vulnerable space for revisioning your life on The QH3 podcast. If you’re going through a divorce or breakup or loss, you might enjoy listening. I also have a group and webinar I’ve launched for those interested in getting some practical guidelines to heal and revision your life. You can find them both on the group page at my website at
I’ve also included the group’s introductory video below:

And here’s the episode on QH3


Grace to fill sails today and everyday!

Miracles Are Born Within.

Our most confusing and challenging times can also present the greatest opportunity for change.

In the heat of the struggle all of our fears, anxieties, and judgments come out. This heat can become a fire of great transformation in which we rise to forge a new vision for our Self and life journey. We may have to revisit our wants and desires and address the barriers standing in the way. Within this process of re-visioning our life we will discover an infinite number of variables that are entirely outside of our control. But creating a new vision is like investing in a dream. It requires that we take incredible risks and commit anyway. We have to be able to two things well here, and that’s both let go of the life we lived, surrendering, and forgiving ourselves and others along the way; AND leap courageously into a yawning unknown. This freaky space is the space where our miracle is waiting to be born. While we can’t control everything, we can change the entire dynamic of our life by stepping boldly into the unknown naked and propelled by our truth. Here we’re able to align with the forces working for our highest good. We can attract that which is truly meant for us. We embody the miracle, and buzz with its magical wiggly stuff. It’s more that we become more of what’s needed to align with our heart’s deepest desires. We’re free to be. But when we’re facing difficulties it may be hard to stay in the miracle. We must learn to manage all the pain that’s attached to old wounds, unfit beliefs, and crappy messages. But this too is a gift as through the struggle we get the opportunity to face and set our limitations free- forever.

So, know if you’re in a struggle today, I’m sending you love and light. Breath through the struggle, like literally, and by seeing the good beyond it. Remind yourself that you are in a sacred space of renewal. And know that somewhere on the other side your miracle is waiting to give you a great big bear hug!

The Bridge To Rediscovery

Letting go is hard because we’re confronted with a truth.

This is also the gift, however, as we’re left standing naked before our reality. In this space we can touch the truth of what is, breath it in and grow in a space of acceptance. Or we can run from it by falling into the trap of old ways of thinking and being, perhaps by denying or leaping to escape in busyness or another false message. Letting go forces us to see things as they are, not as we wish nor as we’d planned. This is powerful magic because it gives us the opportunity to slough off the false beliefs and messages and expectations we’d attached to; perhaps picked up from the world, the media, our jobs, or the agendas represented by those we surround ourselves with. We stand in the clear light of truth. If we can do this honestly we can set the stage for powerful rediscovery. We can look at where our life has led us and redefine the sense of purpose that got us there. I use “redefine” here loosely, as purpose doesn’t change, per se, we don’t hack at it and bend it. We just get a more honest space to reunite or rediscover the truth that’s always been there. It’s like life gives us this window to experience who we are and what drives us more deeply. Purpose is a personal expression of a universal truth. From here we can begin again, and step forward with the energy available to a life grounded in purpose and truth.

Letting Go Is An Act of Respect

I sat with this one for awhile before I pushed go.

I think one of the harder steps I’ve had to take in my own life journey is to learn to let go. Every bone in my body vibrates saying, “help others, serve, share,and hold the light up!” And if they can’t do it for themselves, do it for them!” Probably because I’ve felt this need to have a rescuer so powerfully too. However I’ve come to see it’s not my job to do that for others. As a partner, healer, Creator, and human being.  My job is to do my damnedest to hold the right space for others to discover who they want to be. Letting go of the idea that others are helpless to create the change they need is an act of respect. By doing so I honor the Creator within myself and them. So, in a sense, letting go is a sacred agreement. It’s the space where allow the possibility for healing and a real collaboration can begin.

When we meet as equals we are within our strength. We open to the gate for re-connection, new adventures, and the dance of love to grow -if it’s meant to be. We can learn, listen, prepare, and then leap into the changes that are needed. If no change can be made, we respect that too. Why? Because allowing is the space where true love grows. And all souls are here to grow.

So practice the art of just being today. And let others be as well. And do you best to hold a space of love and respect.

Problems Are Divine.

Life is full of stuff that stresses us out. Unexpected challenges, surprises, fantastic wipe-outs, and the recoveries that follow. But a problem in itself is nothing but a perception. It’s not reality. In Tibetan Buddhism they refer to the forces and patterns of challenges that cycle in and out of our lives as Karma. In truth there’s only life, the light, and the love that holds it all together. Problems are the funky illusions we create around what’s happening around us. But illusions or not, we can add weight to our problems when we REACT. By reacting we feed our illusions with our powerful and sacred emotional energy. Imagine reactions like junk food for our hungry illusions. They’re BigMacs for the Problem Gremlins we carry around in our minds. A reaction works to charge up our problems up with a melange of intense thoughts, feelings and beliefs that prop us the idea that our problems are real. In other words, reactions make miserable fast.  Life can get really messy the longer we feed into our illusions like this. Once our Problem Gremlins take the helm of our lives they can drive us down the rabbit hole, so to speak.Fear, stress, anxiety, and loads of other junk get piled on. This tangle of emotional energy can pull us like an anchor into ever deeper levels of anxiety and challenge. It’s a horribly destructive cycle we can get caught in.

So what’s the way out?… No matter how big or small your perceived problems or challenges, you have to learn to dissolve the emotional energy that feeds them.  We do that by learning to respond rather than react. Reactions are like power pellets for our Problem Gremlins. And those wired little goofs will work tirelessly to keep our insecurities and false beliefs alive. A powerful way to starve out a gaggle of Problem Gremlins is to feed them the good food known as gratitude. 

Why does this work?… When we change our perspective our experience changes along with it. Imagine a sad gremlin packing it’s gym bag and walking out the door.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re feeling powerless, overwhelmed, desperate, sad, lost, or lonely the answer is exercise gratitude. You ever wonder why all the Buddha statues have smiles on their faces?… It’s because freedom starts with gratitude. Now, notice I’m used the word exercise here. For those of you who exercise, you know it ain’t always fun or easy. To be clear, you likely won’t feel like exercising gratitude at all because you’re in the toilet of a crappy experience. Just hold a space for gratitude. This means you intentionally exercise the muscle. Perhaps you visualize all that your grateful for, or read from a list aloud, or you outright pretend. For example you might say,”I’m grateful that I have a heartbeat today, and the sky’s  blue, and my favorite brand of frozen pizza was on sale at the grocery store.” Or if you’re really in the grips of a mighty crap-storm, “I’m grateful that I have the grit to remind myself to be grateful.” Just exercise the choice. The choice to think differently is the game changer, because you’ve chosen to shift your identify away from the problem. This is an awareness move and the Universe rewards those. The Problem Gremlins are thinking “oh crap” when you do this, because they know they’re not going get fed anymore. Once you exercise gratitude take the next step to feel grateful. Hold onto a vision of all that’s good in the world and going to be good in your life, and really get into that nitty gritty of that vision. Feel it bubble up. If you can’t feel it, no big deal, keep going and do the best you can. If you really want to Judo chop the shizmo out of your problems, exercise gratitude for the storm you find yourself in, for all storms have powerful lessons to teach. And storms are custom made for the powerful.  But above all be kind to yourself! Hold yourself in the highest light and try to do the same for others. If you’re scrambling, struggling, or feel like you’re Gremlins are hijacking your everything, don’t feed into it. It’s ok not to be a master operator every time around. By responding you will reduce the power of your reactions and the emotional charge that perpetuates old patterns over time. Eventually this will all get easier. The truth is these storms are there for you to get a closer look at your divine nature. Storms are there as reminders to step into your light!

Guest Jon Rassmussen

I just finished up my interview with Jon Rasmussen, who’s a Shaman practicing in California. 

He’s officially my first featured guest on The QH3 Podcast, since I decided to relaunch the show to focus on awakening stories. It was so nice to get a chance to reconnect with him.  Besides being a gifted Shaman he’s also a wonderfully down to Earth guy.  I see him as a courageous fellow as he’s been willing to put himself out there as a healer for a good part of career. He’s written books, recorded audio series, and recently appeared on A&E’s The Lowe Files   -which stars the infamous Rob Lowe and his sons looking into the bigger mysteries of life. 

Jon and I connected about 3 years ago on QH3. I sought him out, as at that point in my life I found myself needing a Shamanic mentor to be exact.

Despite being a faculty member of a graduate institute that promoted alternate healing approaches, I was still dealing with the challenges of having to live in two worlds; one being the world of the creative healer, and the other holding down a job as a licensed mental health professional. Put mildly, they are two very different worlds.  While in Graduate school I’d connected with a bright young professor who had a very unique background as a Yale-trained psychologist and Shaman, thanks to her family’s Cherokee heritage. This relationship was crucial during an exceptionally hard time in spiritual development. But we’d lost touch mostly due to increasing responsibilities of  our professional lives.  So not having the time to devote to a face-to-face mentorship, I went looking for easier fits. That’s where I connected with Jon’s work -quite accidentally through his Youtube channel. It was the right medicine for the challenges I was facing at the time. Jon’s online material, I think, had a bigger influence on my decision to exit corporate and start a digital media brand later on.  Jon actually came from the hard-charging world of Silicon Valley before stepping into healing. So I think the combo of his past, understanding the high-achiever type, as well as the pitfalls of the competitive professional landscape made him a great fit. I leaned in.

So, that’s how we got to this place three years later.  In this interview, we got to explore the shift from the mainstream working world to healer a little deeper. Jon seemed really vulnerable to me, and totally willing to fling open the door to his past. He talked about the journey to find a balance between the vulnerability and courage that’s needed to work as a Shamanic healer. He also dove into his life before prior to discovering Shamanism, and talked about some of the early signs he got along the way. He also delved into some of his psychological sensitives and what it took before he finally committed to exploring the healing path. I really enjoyed my time with Jon, as he’s fun, insightful, and willing to have a good chat.  I think there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the interview too.

Overall, I think Jon offers a clear example of what the journey to become a healer can look like. He also offers practical advice on how to manage life if you’re a spiritually-sensitive or intuitive type.  If you’re eager to listen, just hang tight. I should have the interview up here in a few days.  In the meantime, feel free to check the->>> QH3 PODCAST STREAM BY CLICKING HERE  

Grace to fill your sails today!


Your Great Spirit

So, life is amazing. You ever noticed how the right books and messages seem to fall into place?… 

I got my hands on Ray Dalio’s latest book called “Principles.” If you haven’t heard of Ray, he’s become an icon in the investment and trading communities. In terms of net worth, he’s up there with the Warren Buffets, Richard Branson’s, and other ultra billionaires. He’s in rare air. Thanks in part to Tony Robbin’s coaxing, and his own readiness, he’s stepped forward into a teaching phase of his life. 

Ray’s book got me thinking about the role of business in both our personal and collective evolution.

Like many before him, especially the great stoics like Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, Ray praises common wisdom. Yeah, he’s a big proponent of AI, and automating systems, but he reminds readers it all needs to be rooted in common wisdom.  He revisits the importance of the old stand-bys too, like a good work ethic, and discipline, staying open to struggle. He talks of creating systems and reliable circles of guidance to track and guide progress.  And he’s also a believer in playing a part in a evolving whole.  He’s really used his career and business success as a way to better understand the relationship between common wisdom and big system thinking.

But beyond all that Ray’s book reminded me of the importance of acknowledging SPIRIT in culture. Ray’s book does a great job at helping people understand the kind of wisdom that needs to be applied to guide growth of any kind, from small to large. But I think it also does something else, perhaps something that wasn’t intended. His book indirectly supports the necessity of spirit in healthy business cultures.

It seems one of the things that’s made Ray such an enigma in corporate culture, was his ability to create cultures that work. Despite the radical profitability of his company Bridgewater Associates over the long term, there also seemed to be freedom built into his systems. This stood out. People wondered, how do you create such profitability, and still nurture the growth and freedom of your employees?  As some of you know, I’ve spent time working in big company cultures. While many are great at creating the appearance of spirit, and establishing sound principles, ethics, and even compassion and care for the whole, cracking the nut called genuine spirit ain’t easy. Happiness doesn’t come cheap. The beating heart of true innovation often goes missing. 

This got me thinking about the notion of spirit in our business culture. Spirit doesn’t really carry much weight anymore. It’s lost ground to new world ideas like Soul, Spirituality, and cognition. Native cultures are still connected and carrying on traditions rooted in spirit, but collectively we’ve relegated spirit to high school pep rallies and mandatory team building at challenge courses. What’s spirit? In native traditions, Spirit is an actual living thing, something that’s both part of nature and entirely free on its own. It’s conscious.

What seems to get lost in big organizations is that spirit isn’t actually something that gets reproduced. Or can be created by replicating natural systems, it’s actually tapped into. It’s there already, but needs the room to spread it’s wings. It’s not some extra energy source that gets created when we you put the right mechanisms in place. It’s freed. Well, this can be argued of course, but I’d ask you to be open to hearing me out.  Imagine spirit as something we own, and have our share of, and nature owns the master share. Spirit, generally, comes alive in spaces where genuine connection can be made. That happens most when we feel free to express ourselves through choices -that make sense for ourselves. Nature is a great illustration of a GREAT SPIRIT unleashed, as it’s this grand system of tiny things all perfectly connected and free to do whatever the hell it wants. There’s rules, and systems, but these rules serve this greater freedom. And all things within it get the same opportunity to play. So Ray’s book helped spark this larger question; how can we get better as a society at creating systems that best reflect freedom? Nature, in this sense, is both the perfect guide and master. If we learn to do a better job of listening to nature, both within ourselves and outside in nature, we better our chance at connecting to the genuine spirit of nature called freedom. Like Ray’s book suggests, we are granted the blueprint. We’re freed up to co-create, as that’s what freedom really is. It’s a dance where new expressions meet old processes and new expressions of freedoms are made. So maybe our job as leaders in our communities is to help collaborate on creating systems that are better suited to help others reconnect to the freedom they carry. Practically this means giving people choices, and the space to be heard and express themselves. Some of you may be wondering if you can have all that and still maintain the integrity that’s needed to achieve a common goal.  

A great example exists outside your door. This type of freedom is alive and well. Just take a walk outside in nature! Have a good look around. That freedom you see, remember it’s within you too. 


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