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The Subtle Art of Finding Integrity
So, I've struggled at times to walk this fine balance between authenticity and service. Have any of you had this[...]
The Tricky Business of Relationships in the Crowdfunding Worlds
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What Do You Do With Absolute Security?…
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What do you fear the most?
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Meditations for Soulful Citizens
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Return of Soul
So, I officially relaunched the Quantum Health, Healing, and Happiness Podcast, otherwise known as QH3 (Q-H CUBED). You can listen[...]
The Master Plan.
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Blend and The End
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Stop Hitchhiking & Become A Traveler
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Giving: A Joyful Economy of Being
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You Are A Freedom System
Understanding and embracing your ability to create freedom is a powerful step is the soulful journey. Freedom isn't an abstraction.[...]
Crush It Vs Create It
What do you think?... Is life isn’t about taking, crushing, mincing, dicing, destroying, and conquering? Or is life about learning[...]
Jerry Gaura

Jerry is a mission-driven, coach, therapist, healer, creator, or more aptly put, a freedom facilitator. Founder of TOOWi Media and Host of the Pioneers of Insight Podcast, he's helped folks from every walk of life overcome and thrive through major life challenges. His mission is to help others live free, purposeful, and soulfully- inspired lives.


Hey folks!

<<--That's a pic of my wonderful family, or my team. We are small, but mighty. The sparkle of light in the middle is my son Gus. He's a kid that's happens to have Down Syndrome. Playing  papa and parental co-pilot to Gus was a big part of my decision to launch a brand that brings soul to the science of achievement.

Much of what I create here is attached to the stories of Overcomers. What's an Overcomer?

Overcomers, well, overcome. They're everyday folks that overcame incredible challenges on this great adventure we call life. They're resilient, powerful, light-filled people spilling with the wisdom I believe the world needs. Some are achievers, leaders, healers, innovators, disruptors, artists, peace makers, adventurers, founders, influencers, and salesman, Many are successful, some not.. But all are soulfully-successful, a term I use to reflect the deep sense of fulfillment that comes when a person feels connected to a larger purpose in life. I classify folks like these Creators. So the content I create is focused on bringing out the stories of transformation and changes Creator's made along the way.

 I've got two shows that do that; The Pioneers of Insight Podcast focuses on change from the outside in, meaning I look at the wipeouts, crackups, and recoveries of people on their way to success. And QH3, or the Quantum Health, Healing, and Happiness Podcast looks at the stories of change from inside out. There I interview healers, creatives, and transformational leaders about their wake-up calls. 

So if you decide to to wade in here, be aware that everything is evolving. This ain't General Mills. Personally I celebrate change, as that's been the Universe's M.O. for some trillions of years. Just putting it out there. 

Alot of what you'll find is connected to the practical magic of living a soul-centered, and meaningful life. Whether I'm sharing insights about a guest interview, or writing about relationships, career, media, business, parenting, the universe, or our beautiful planet, Putting soul at the center of things is very important to me. Soul, in my world, is about inclusion. I see it as the simple awareness that's we're connected to all things. I believe in pushing this conversation about soul further, as the world is changing to support the rise of a new economic class through creators, in this case a creator meaning a person who can do basically everything, from run a business, to create content, marketing, and everything else in-between.. And that's great in my book, because at a soul level, I believe we're all creators! But importantly, I also believe life is the master guide. And I won't go big picture without bringing you back to solid earth. Any advice or guidance I offer is done so with the idea it's got to pass the test of real life. 

So dive in! If you like something, please share it. I'm on a mission to serve Creator types world wide. I believe that taking the time to share the simple stuff that lights you up can be a powerful thing. Ultimately these are the actions that help others grow and sparkle in return. And then they get turned on and do the same in return, and... You get the picture here. Lots of folks are sparkling. 

If your inclined, free to email me if you have something to share. Send it to -->>

Grace to fill your sails today and everyday,