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You Are A Freedom System

Understanding and embracing your ability to create freedom is a powerful step is the soulful journey.

Freedom isn’t an abstraction. It’s an expression, perhaps the ultimate one. Freedom is unleashed when we take charge of our choices. A choice is a symbol of the limitless possibilities available to us. Choices are big deals in the Universe. So exercising the ability to choose the beliefs you allow to direct your life is a leap in our spiritual maturation. In psychology we see this as part of self-actualization, but I see it as something much bigger. This is a Creator’s step.  Creator’s have to  accept and take responsibility for the awesome power that’s available to as both the creators and directors of our life.  We’re all Creator’s but not everyone believes this, so we’re not actualization until we’re willing to take that important step. So that decision to choose beliefs that empower and inspire us in our lives as opposed to limit our power is itself an act of freedom.  This process doesn’t happen overnight, by the way.  Acceptance takes time, and we become more and more powerful bite by bite.  Mostly through the challenges of our relationships.  All of us begin life by giving our power away, starting with our parents and then to family, teachers, coaches, and mentors. Our power is dished out and diluted for the first half of our lives. So essentially in that process we give our power to create our own happiness away. Some of you may be familiar with the Four Agreements, which talks about this power gap we have to close in life.  Author Don Miguel Ruiz likes to refer to this as “our domestication.” It’s not deliberate or cruel, actually I believe it’s quite the opposite. If you look at from a soul perspective, we come into life for the privilege of giving our power away. Why? Well, we get the privileged of re-possessing and expanding our freedom.  So that’s where I’m at and likely you’re at. There comes a point where we need to reclaim our power to fully realize our potential, in every area of our lives; relationships, career, and passions. So, you can see how important taking charge of your beliefs is. It is the crucial life step.

So let’s give ourselves a step to take to start up that staircase.  Begin by choosing a “belief shaper.” A belief shaper is simply a higher level belief that your smaller beliefs will have to conform to.  A great belief shaper acknowledges your highest potential. Here’s one:  choose to believe that you are exactly who you need to be. Now, don’t back down if you’re brain just lit up like a spider on fire.  If you’re thinking, “What?! I have some many things I need to work on! I’m not going to lie to myslef!” I hear that one from clients all the time. It’s ok if you feel you still need more work. Remember your beliefs will inform how well your work and growth process goes. So start with the highest intention. Intentions are powered by the quality and strengths of your beliefs. Another suggestion here: choose to believe that you’re on this planet to do something nobody else can. First off it’s true! There’s only one YOU. You are a rare and precious commodity. Without you the world wouldn’t be complete, period, Zoro sword slash. So shape your life with a belief that empowers your unique vision, dreams, and goals.

        Stay soulful people – J



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