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What do you fear the most?

So this mediation came out of a talk with a great spiritual mentor.

The talk, and encounter, was part of a magical string of events that happened over the course of a couple years. This conversation was a highlight of a very adventurous research project I’d taken on while serving as faculty of a graduate program and balancing a practice. I’ll talk more about that later in the blog, and you’ll hear more about it on the show. But I’ll spoil the punchline just a bit here; this mentor wasn’t alive, so to speak. He was a soul that came through while my colleague was in a deep hypnotic trance -which was part of the research process we were developing.

We’d taken on this project to gain insights into ways to help people release deeply-seated trauma. And honestly, we were also playing around a bit. We both considered ourselves healers first, and professional therapist’s second. So with the research we did allow ourselves to play.  Anyway, this soul stepped through. He had a lot to say about the process we were developing which proved to be enormously helpful.  Eventually our chat turned into a  a much bigger conversation about soul, soul purpose, and soul journeys. There  ended up being many enlightening conversations that followed.

Some of ideas that really stood out were the notion that fear and pain were signals, or information that the soul uses to guide it’s ultimate purpose. Neither were bad, necessarily. Ultimately it was how we respond to our fear that’s important. This soul went on to explain that there was a“shortcut” to help people discover their true purpose. He said, “take them to the most painful moment in their life. Behind the pain is a thread of experiences that goes back to the birth of their soul. He called this an “original wound.” He then said, “our purpose and greatest opportunity for happiness lay in ability to face the fears attached to that pain. It’s that simple,” he said. 

The other way to look at this is that pain and fear are messengers. They’re threads that connect us to our soul’s purpose, intentions, and desires. Learning to see emotion, trust emotion, process and then move through it is the whole deal. We don’t feel by accident. Learning to relate to our feelings mindfully unleashes our highest potential. They lead us home to our deepest truths. They aren’t distractions or byproducts to be ignored, which is shitty notion that gets perpetuated in our culture. Misunderstood or repressed feelings can create problems, but feelings alone are not. They’re reflections of power and ability as creator souls. They’re game changers, in other words. So, I personally found this idea behind fear and pain to be a validation of my own evolution as a healer. Pain is a purifier. Fear tells me where I need to go.

So, I invite you to consider how you can make use of his this idea in your life.  Pain and fear, when addressed mindfully, can help you take a quantum leap in every area of your life. Start small, as it smarts a bit to undertake this. Look at one area of your life. Then ask yourself, what pain am I running from? What fears do I just not want to face?… Again, this could be in your relationships, career, and spiritual life. The most painful area will represent your greatest opportunity for growth and happiness. It’s what you came here to address, if you’re open to running with that idea.  It is hard work, so I recommend you take it slowly. But go anyway. Steadily move towards a greater understanding of what they have to teach you.

Here’s an episode where I interviewed author and Transformational Leader Shajen Joy Aziz. We dig into a few of these issues. And a video for icing on the cake too!


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