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The Bridge To Rediscovery

Letting go is hard because we’re confronted with a truth.

This is also the gift, however, as we’re left standing naked before our reality. In this space we can touch the truth of what is, breath it in and grow in a space of acceptance. Or we can run from it by falling into the trap of old ways of thinking and being, perhaps by denying or leaping to escape in busyness or another false message. Letting go forces us to see things as they are, not as we wish nor as we’d planned. This is powerful magic because it gives us the opportunity to slough off the false beliefs and messages and expectations we’d attached to; perhaps picked up from the world, the media, our jobs, or the agendas represented by those we surround ourselves with. We stand in the clear light of truth. If we can do this honestly we can set the stage for powerful rediscovery. We can look at where our life has led us and redefine the sense of purpose that got us there. I use “redefine” here loosely, as purpose doesn’t change, per se, we don’t hack at it and bend it. We just get a more honest space to reunite or rediscover the truth that’s always been there. It’s like life gives us this window to experience who we are and what drives us more deeply. Purpose is a personal expression of a universal truth. From here we can begin again, and step forward with the energy available to a life grounded in purpose and truth.

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