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The Stories of Overcomers

 Episode 01 

Johnny Bang Reilly is a celebrated artist, musician, fighter, and agent of change inspiring people through his eclectic OSU brand. In this premiere episode, Johnny shares the story of his struggle growing up as a biracial child in an abusive home. Hear how he survived his near-abandonment at birth and battled his way through the mean streets of 1960's London to find freedom through music and dancing. 

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               Jerry Gaura

Host, Pioneers of Insight Podcast

What is Value X?

What allows some to thrive through adversity while others fall apart? Join us as we deep dive the stories of OVERCOMERS. Learn about the wipeouts, crackups, and recoveries of world-class leaders, achievers, and creators. Discover how they overcame incredible challenges on the road to success and happiness. And get key insights into their breakthroughs and the mindsets that help them lead truly remarkable lives.

"Jerry rocks! I've been blessed to be interviewed many times up to this point, and Jerry's creativity, style, and question-asking made an interview he did with me one of my favorite interviews I've ever been a part of!."  - Calvin Wayman, CEO Cobbs Media

Jerry is an "Interview Genius!"  Just was on the Pioneer of Insight show and was amazed at how Jerry could pull stories out of me - and not just "the usuals" one but ones that are vulnerable and personal that I see making an impact with the audience. It was an honor to part of the powerful work that you are doing.   -Dustin Matthews, CEO Speaking Empire

Story TRailers

       Previews of Upcoming Episodes and Special Features

[01] disruptor Johnny Bang Reilly


[02] Storyteller Shannon Cason


[03] Influencer Calvin Wayman



The Pioneers of Insight Podcast
Go Deep With Leaders and Creators
That Overcame Incredible Challenges On The Road To Success


Get deep dives into the stories and mindsets of world-class OVERCOMERS. This entertaining and educational show features the wipe-outs, crackups, and recoveries of some of today’s most inspiring leaders and creators. Hear from top influencers like John Lee Dumas, world-renowned storyteller Shannon Cason, and agent of change Johnny Bang Reilly. Dig into the psychology behind the breakthroughs and get insights into the actions that inspired truly remarkable lives.

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Monthly 60 minute deep dives into the stories and mindsets of key leaders, achievers, and creatives. 


30 - 45 minute interviews with leaders, achievers, and creators that have overcome incredible challenges on the road to success and happiness. 


15-30 minute deep dives into the psychology and mindsets of key influencers, like John Lee Dumas.

Take Away Stories

Short stories from the host's adventures and misadventures on the path to purpose.


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