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Problems Are Divine.

Life is full of stuff that stresses us out. Unexpected challenges, surprises, fantastic wipe-outs, and the recoveries that follow. But a problem in itself is nothing but a perception. It’s not reality. In Tibetan Buddhism they refer to the forces and patterns of challenges that cycle in and out of our lives as Karma. In truth there’s only life, the light, and the love that holds it all together. Problems are the funky illusions we create around what’s happening around us. But illusions or not, we can add weight to our problems when we REACT. By reacting we feed our illusions with our powerful and sacred emotional energy. Imagine reactions like junk food for our hungry illusions. They’re BigMacs for the Problem Gremlins we carry around in our minds. A reaction works to charge up our problems up with a melange of intense thoughts, feelings and beliefs that prop us the idea that our problems are real. In other words, reactions make miserable fast.  Life can get really messy the longer we feed into our illusions like this. Once our Problem Gremlins take the helm of our lives they can drive us down the rabbit hole, so to speak.Fear, stress, anxiety, and loads of other junk get piled on. This tangle of emotional energy can pull us like an anchor into ever deeper levels of anxiety and challenge. It’s a horribly destructive cycle we can get caught in.

So what’s the way out?… No matter how big or small your perceived problems or challenges, you have to learn to dissolve the emotional energy that feeds them.  We do that by learning to respond rather than react. Reactions are like power pellets for our Problem Gremlins. And those wired little goofs will work tirelessly to keep our insecurities and false beliefs alive. A powerful way to starve out a gaggle of Problem Gremlins is to feed them the good food known as gratitude. 

Why does this work?… When we change our perspective our experience changes along with it. Imagine a sad gremlin packing it’s gym bag and walking out the door.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re feeling powerless, overwhelmed, desperate, sad, lost, or lonely the answer is exercise gratitude. You ever wonder why all the Buddha statues have smiles on their faces?… It’s because freedom starts with gratitude. Now, notice I’m used the word exercise here. For those of you who exercise, you know it ain’t always fun or easy. To be clear, you likely won’t feel like exercising gratitude at all because you’re in the toilet of a crappy experience. Just hold a space for gratitude. This means you intentionally exercise the muscle. Perhaps you visualize all that your grateful for, or read from a list aloud, or you outright pretend. For example you might say,”I’m grateful that I have a heartbeat today, and the sky’s  blue, and my favorite brand of frozen pizza was on sale at the grocery store.” Or if you’re really in the grips of a mighty crap-storm, “I’m grateful that I have the grit to remind myself to be grateful.” Just exercise the choice. The choice to think differently is the game changer, because you’ve chosen to shift your identify away from the problem. This is an awareness move and the Universe rewards those. The Problem Gremlins are thinking “oh crap” when you do this, because they know they’re not going get fed anymore. Once you exercise gratitude take the next step to feel grateful. Hold onto a vision of all that’s good in the world and going to be good in your life, and really get into that nitty gritty of that vision. Feel it bubble up. If you can’t feel it, no big deal, keep going and do the best you can. If you really want to Judo chop the shizmo out of your problems, exercise gratitude for the storm you find yourself in, for all storms have powerful lessons to teach. And storms are custom made for the powerful.  But above all be kind to yourself! Hold yourself in the highest light and try to do the same for others. If you’re scrambling, struggling, or feel like you’re Gremlins are hijacking your everything, don’t feed into it. It’s ok not to be a master operator every time around. By responding you will reduce the power of your reactions and the emotional charge that perpetuates old patterns over time. Eventually this will all get easier. The truth is these storms are there for you to get a closer look at your divine nature. Storms are there as reminders to step into your light!

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