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Johnny Bang Reilly

A biracial youth battles his way through the mean streets of 1960's London to find freedom through music and dancing.

A Detroit native finds new life in Chicago after a divorce and big problems created by gambling.


Calvin Wayman

A new father faces the ultimate test with a man named Frank while working as a door-to-door solar salesman.


Chris Kubbernus

beleaguered employee goes "out of body" after a fight with his boss and discovers a desire to build a digital marketing empire.

Cameron Brown

Thriving Collective

A broken-hearted Aussie searches for his purpose in the Jungles of Peru after the suicide of a neighbor.


Scott Mulvaney

A salesman quits his comfy job to becomes a wildland firefighter after a whirlwind romance with a free spirit.


Shajen Joy Aziz

Discover The Gift

A 14 year old girl struggles to find her place in the world after losing her mother and then home to a fire.


Marcus Aurelius Anderson

The Gift Of Adversity

A US Army infantryman wakes up and discovers he's fully paralyzed only days before deployment.


Nicole Jansen

Discover The Edge

A former CEO reinvents herself after the loss of a family business and failed relationship.


A veteran music producer leaves a successful career to take on his cousin's bankrupt bagel business -with his brother.


Shannon Walbran

A journalist hears a booming voice from above while attending an international conference in the Sinai Desert.


Jon Rassmussen

A talented young engineer leaves the fast-paced world of Silicon Valley to become a shaman.


Vanessa Petronelli

The path to become a Pop Star clears for a teenager after she hears a voice from above. All is well, until....


Tone Floreal

A heart broken college grad travels to Guam and becomes an island celebrity after a mysterious "holy shift."


Akbar Sheikh

A young man builds an empire from a windowless utility closet after nearly losing his life to an accidental overdose.