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Guest Jon Rassmussen

I just finished up my interview with Jon Rasmussen, who’s a Shaman practicing in California. 

He’s officially my first featured guest on The QH3 Podcast, since I decided to relaunch the show to focus on awakening stories. It was so nice to get a chance to reconnect with him.  Besides being a gifted Shaman he’s also a wonderfully down to Earth guy.  I see him as a courageous fellow as he’s been willing to put himself out there as a healer for a good part of career. He’s written books, recorded audio series, and recently appeared on A&E’s The Lowe Files   -which stars the infamous Rob Lowe and his sons looking into the bigger mysteries of life. 

Jon and I connected about 3 years ago on QH3. I sought him out, as at that point in my life I found myself needing a Shamanic mentor to be exact.

Despite being a faculty member of a graduate institute that promoted alternate healing approaches, I was still dealing with the challenges of having to live in two worlds; one being the world of the creative healer, and the other holding down a job as a licensed mental health professional. Put mildly, they are two very different worlds.  While in Graduate school I’d connected with a bright young professor who had a very unique background as a Yale-trained psychologist and Shaman, thanks to her family’s Cherokee heritage. This relationship was crucial during an exceptionally hard time in spiritual development. But we’d lost touch mostly due to increasing responsibilities of  our professional lives.  So not having the time to devote to a face-to-face mentorship, I went looking for easier fits. That’s where I connected with Jon’s work -quite accidentally through his Youtube channel. It was the right medicine for the challenges I was facing at the time. Jon’s online material, I think, had a bigger influence on my decision to exit corporate and start a digital media brand later on.  Jon actually came from the hard-charging world of Silicon Valley before stepping into healing. So I think the combo of his past, understanding the high-achiever type, as well as the pitfalls of the competitive professional landscape made him a great fit. I leaned in.

So, that’s how we got to this place three years later.  In this interview, we got to explore the shift from the mainstream working world to healer a little deeper. Jon seemed really vulnerable to me, and totally willing to fling open the door to his past. He talked about the journey to find a balance between the vulnerability and courage that’s needed to work as a Shamanic healer. He also dove into his life before prior to discovering Shamanism, and talked about some of the early signs he got along the way. He also delved into some of his psychological sensitives and what it took before he finally committed to exploring the healing path. I really enjoyed my time with Jon, as he’s fun, insightful, and willing to have a good chat.  I think there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the interview too.

Overall, I think Jon offers a clear example of what the journey to become a healer can look like. He also offers practical advice on how to manage life if you’re a spiritually-sensitive or intuitive type.  If you’re eager to listen, just hang tight. I should have the interview up here in a few days.  In the meantime, feel free to check the->>> QH3 PODCAST STREAM BY CLICKING HERE  

Grace to fill your sails today!


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