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Vulnerable Leaders Win.

We can lead, or we can lead with heart.

What does it mean to lead from your heart?… We’ll, it means that we’re willing to be LEAD and be vulnerable at the same time.  Up until maybe 10 years ago this was taboo talk that didn’t get much traction. Leadership was primarily promoted from a position of masculine strength.  And leaders from the old guard encouraged PROJECTING total invulnerability. Thankfully the tides are turning a bit thanks to a bigger cultural dialog.

What good is a vulnerable leader?…

Vulnerability isn’t a weakness, it’s the willingness to share both strength and struggle. It’s requires the courage to move through the fear of revealing oneself, and in the process become available for genuine connection. The people and relationships around us can then rally around us, as they get a clearer sense of our needs and their roles. For leaders this could mean sharing the ups, downs, struggles, foibles, and lows points while leading. Will this discourage, project weakness, or demotivate?… The act of sharing from a place of vulnerability allows for meaningful connections- which creates a space for trust and a culture of collaboration to grow.

I was reminded of the power of vulnerability in my interview with storyteller Shannon Cason today. He talked about growing up in the Old Guard – where everybody hid their struggles. He mentioned how this game of hide and seek made for some uneasy connections -as everyone else could clearly see what was going on. Nobody could really hide. He noted the strengths he gained in his own life by stepping forward to share his struggles, and the freedom he’s gained from breaking that mold. Now Shannon makes a living sharing stories about the day to day struggles both as a keynote speaker and sought-after storyteller. 

So I want to challenge you to assess where you do and don’t lead with vulnerability. If there’s struggles, consider (1) one leap you can take to share from your heart today.

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