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Good is Good Even When We’re Broken-hearted

Good is forever growing around us and through us. This is easy to believe when life feels free and easy. But when not?… We’re often quick to imagine that the good has someone gone away. Poof, as if we’ve fallen through an unholy trap door. However (and thankfully) the good keeps coming anyway. The grittiest life challenges are perhaps our best opportunities to befriend and master the art of thinking, feeling, and believing which is like the holy trinity of learning to manifest an amazing life. Goodness flows and will forever grow even when when we’re not in the space to see it clearly. Thank goodness, or we’d all be in deep doo doo.

What’s goodness? Well, we could say it’s simply a reflection of the good we desire in our lives. For example, loving companionship is goodness. Passion is goodness, even when it’s the kind reserved for hat collecting and monster truck rallies. Sharing the joys of friendship and goofy belly laughter is goodness, like the good-hearted kind vs the snarky stuff that aims to harm. Throughout our lives, however, goodness goes underground to nurture the seeds of something amazing in our lives. Why? Because as the goodness knows. It’s informed by the bigger part of ourselves and the universe. As so as it matures, so do we. Essentially we haven’t made it to the right place to receive it. We’re preparing to be a good match through all that we’re dealing with. It’s not that we’re not worthy enough to receive it, we’re always worthy, inherently so. It’s simply a matter of readiness.

Imagine that we prepare and grow goodness like a gardener does. During the difficult times, especially those curve balls we could call the unexpected challenges in our lives, or the “unthinkables” we get a jolt. We’re sent sideways and are forced to reimagine, revision, and activate new levels of purpose. These unexpected challenges force us to go to work in our gardens. We get to till our gardens, turning the soil to mix in all the new stuff that’s been evoked through our unexpected challenges. When we’ve gotten over the hump, and have processed what’s happened and understand how these changes will ultimately enhance and enrich our lives, we on the good side of grace again. We’re aligned with our inherent goodness again. And that’s the all the magic that’s needed to rendezvous with the good the Universe has been preparing to greet us as we move forward in the world. The good news here is the goodness we receive is often a bit more impressive than what we’ve expected. Now, it may seem like a leap to believe that the Universe is blazing a trail ahead of us to create a space for goodness. Why would the Universe care at all? But all you have to do is look at history and the way life on our planet has evolved. Good grows as a rule. Even the worst of challenges create a path for something much more wonderful and magical to emerge. For instance I’m writing to a person who’s ancestor billions of years ago was a one-celled organism. And trillions of years before that?… A frisky dust particle and shard of light. Goodness grows, by default.

There’s an important consideration here. If we allow ourselves to stay stuck wallowing in the disappointments of our challenges for too long we may miss the opportunity that’s unfolding beneath our feet. If we don’t learn to see these challenges as part of the process and solution, that is. With the right attitude, heart-set, mindset, vulnerability, and vision that’s needed to truly change, the road will rise to greet us. This requires a radical sort of faith, a sort of sacred trust that whatever we’ve encountered, no matter how temporarily painful or dumbfounding, is preparing a place for a greater expression of good to flower in our lives and the lives of others. Goodness, in a way, first makes a home within our hearts. We can begin to create that space with the right thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings.

The question of the day is how can your master all this stuff, i.e. your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that when you’re serious pain? In times of great transition, like deaths, divorce, and the pain of broken relationships this task can seem downright impossible. But it is possible if you let in the right perspective. With the right context we can change life itself. We can manifest a life of purpose, meaning, creativity and power. We can create the energy needed to step into a life we truly desire. And we can rendevous with all the goodness that’s needed to take us there. I talked about this incredibly powerful and vulnerable space for revisioning your life on The QH3 podcast. If you’re going through a divorce or breakup or loss, you might enjoy listening. I also have a group and webinar I’ve launched for those interested in getting some practical guidelines to heal and revision your life. You can find them both on the group page at my website at
I’ve also included the group’s introductory video below:

And here’s the episode on QH3


Grace to fill sails today and everyday!

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