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August 8th: Mark Divine

3:00 PM EST

What do you get when blend equal parts entrepreneur, professor, wellness innovator, and unbeatable mind? You get retired Navy Seal Commander and SEALFIT CEO Mark Divine

Grown up in upstate New York, a degree in economics and an MBA from NYU.  He’d prepared for life as a high powered CPA… and then left his high paying finance career for the adventurous life of a Navy SEAL officer. Now he’s once again sought after by those same corporations and institutions, as a trainer of the mental toughness and the whole person training that shaped, and healed him.

Brands: SEALFIT, Unbeatable Mind Academy, Kokoro Yoga

Media: Unbeatable Mind Podcast

Recommended Reading: The Way Of The Seal, Unbeatable Mind, Kokoro Yoga

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About Jerry Gaura

Jerry's the founder of TOOWi Media and host of the Pioneers of Insight Podcast. A therapist turned entreprenuer with a fine arts and philosophy degree, Jerry's got a unique skill-set to deep dive the hearts, minds, and stories of inspired people. He's guided folks from every walk of life, from celebs to shoe salesman, lived adventurously (had killer whales for friends) and survived more than a few wipe-outs too. A lifelong creative and healer, he's been lucky to work alongside wellness innovators like Dr. Bernie Siegel, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr, and Brian Luke Seaward

Jerry is also the father of an amazing boy with Down Syndrome named Gus. 30% of all TOOWI's media proceeds are being used to fund and launch a peer mentorship program for Down Syndrome Youth.

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