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Do That Thing

Who would you be without the risks you’ve taken?

And who would you be if you chose never to take a risk again?…

Positive risks-what are they?… They are the experiences that stretch, push, and inspire our growth. They are essential for change which is the reality of life. We become more fully alive through them. We are rewarded opportunities to taste the pleasures that come with fully participating in life. Sometimes these experiences lead to pain. But pain -or at least discomfort- is part of the process of growth. If we hope to experience anything new if life we have to let go of the old – and that hurts a bit. But this is only natural. Try finding one single example of success in nature without struggle and pain. This is the process that allows us to become bigger, better, bolder, wiser, and stronger.

Surrendering to fear for the sake of comfort is a tremendous RISK too, however. By attempting to avoid risk we may miss out on truly living. We may fall into a pattern of existence and thereby miss activating hidden strengths, talents, insights, and genius. Life rewards the players from the bottom up.

So… Here’s a wake up call.  You remember that thing you told yourself you could never do… It’s time to do that! 

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