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Miracles Are Born Within.

Our most confusing and challenging times can also present the greatest opportunity for change.

In the heat of the struggle all of our fears, anxieties, and judgments come out. This heat can become a fire of great transformation in which we rise to forge a new vision for our Self and life journey. We may have to revisit our wants and desires and address the barriers standing in the way. Within this process of re-visioning our life we will discover an infinite number of variables that are entirely outside of our control. But creating a new vision is like investing in a dream. It requires that we take incredible risks and commit anyway. We have to be able to two things well here, and that’s both let go of the life we lived, surrendering, and forgiving ourselves and others along the way; AND leap courageously into a yawning unknown. This freaky space is the space where our miracle is waiting to be born. While we can’t control everything, we can change the entire dynamic of our life by stepping boldly into the unknown naked and propelled by our truth. Here we’re able to align with the forces working for our highest good. We can attract that which is truly meant for us. We embody the miracle, and buzz with its magical wiggly stuff. It’s more that we become more of what’s needed to align with our heart’s deepest desires. We’re free to be. But when we’re facing difficulties it may be hard to stay in the miracle. We must learn to manage all the pain that’s attached to old wounds, unfit beliefs, and crappy messages. But this too is a gift as through the struggle we get the opportunity to face and set our limitations free- forever.

So, know if you’re in a struggle today, I’m sending you love and light. Breath through the struggle, like literally, and by seeing the good beyond it. Remind yourself that you are in a sacred space of renewal. And know that somewhere on the other side your miracle is waiting to give you a great big bear hug!

Stop Hitchhiking & Become A Traveler

Even the best days can be ruined by one powerfully crappy assumption.


Life is lived through our lenses. Or as one of my past spiritual mentor’s put it, we create our experience through our perspectives. So more or less our worlds are built through our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and then actions. So while LIFE may present opportunities galore – we may miss out on them because we simply haven’t created a place for them. Put another way, we don’t see them as possible. So  there’s somethings to watch out for if we want to create a remarkable life, or at least remarkable to our own standards.  Staying out of the trap of negative thinking, whipping up despair, blame and world-bashing, or when down allowing ourselves to stay stuck in hopelessness. If we hope to change our experience we have to change our perspective. And this isn’t magical thinking, this is work. We’re not always going to feel great. This means we have to persist and maintain our vision for life even when we don’t feel like it. Over time, our life is likely to follow.

So get out of your head and into your heart.  Don’t overthink.  Nurture courage, hope, success, compassion, and creativity. Be mindful of the challenges but don’t obsess over the things you can’t control. And when you do go to your thoughts, make good use of them by creating solutions from a place of promise. There are many roads in life. Some lead to barking failures and others success. So your world isn’t really created in outcomes. It’s created through your perspectives. But the decision to focus on the good no matter what the outcome expands your opportunities. With this choice you can see more and be more.  You can make the leap from being a hitchhiker in life who has to wait around for the right opportunity to show up; To A Great Traveler who creates his world with each step along the way.

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You Are A Freedom System

Understanding and embracing your ability to create freedom is a powerful step is the soulful journey.

Freedom isn’t an abstraction. It’s an expression, perhaps the ultimate one. Freedom is unleashed when we take charge of our choices. A choice is a symbol of the limitless possibilities available to us. Choices are big deals in the Universe. So exercising the ability to choose the beliefs you allow to direct your life is a leap in our spiritual maturation. In psychology we see this as part of self-actualization, but I see it as something much bigger. This is a Creator’s step.  Creator’s have to  accept and take responsibility for the awesome power that’s available to as both the creators and directors of our life.  We’re all Creator’s but not everyone believes this, so we’re not actualization until we’re willing to take that important step. So that decision to choose beliefs that empower and inspire us in our lives as opposed to limit our power is itself an act of freedom.  This process doesn’t happen overnight, by the way.  Acceptance takes time, and we become more and more powerful bite by bite.  Mostly through the challenges of our relationships.  All of us begin life by giving our power away, starting with our parents and then to family, teachers, coaches, and mentors. Our power is dished out and diluted for the first half of our lives. So essentially in that process we give our power to create our own happiness away. Some of you may be familiar with the Four Agreements, which talks about this power gap we have to close in life.  Author Don Miguel Ruiz likes to refer to this as “our domestication.” It’s not deliberate or cruel, actually I believe it’s quite the opposite. If you look at from a soul perspective, we come into life for the privilege of giving our power away. Why? Well, we get the privileged of re-possessing and expanding our freedom.  So that’s where I’m at and likely you’re at. There comes a point where we need to reclaim our power to fully realize our potential, in every area of our lives; relationships, career, and passions. So, you can see how important taking charge of your beliefs is. It is the crucial life step.

So let’s give ourselves a step to take to start up that staircase.  Begin by choosing a “belief shaper.” A belief shaper is simply a higher level belief that your smaller beliefs will have to conform to.  A great belief shaper acknowledges your highest potential. Here’s one:  choose to believe that you are exactly who you need to be. Now, don’t back down if you’re brain just lit up like a spider on fire.  If you’re thinking, “What?! I have some many things I need to work on! I’m not going to lie to myslef!” I hear that one from clients all the time. It’s ok if you feel you still need more work. Remember your beliefs will inform how well your work and growth process goes. So start with the highest intention. Intentions are powered by the quality and strengths of your beliefs. Another suggestion here: choose to believe that you’re on this planet to do something nobody else can. First off it’s true! There’s only one YOU. You are a rare and precious commodity. Without you the world wouldn’t be complete, period, Zoro sword slash. So shape your life with a belief that empowers your unique vision, dreams, and goals.

        Stay soulful people – J



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Crush It Vs Create It

What do you think?… Is life isn’t about taking, crushing, mincing, dicing, destroying, and conquering?

Or is life about learning how to participate? Challenges, as difficult as they may be, ultimately provide an opportunity to learn how to become better collaborators with life. And collaboration doesn’t work all too well when we’re crushing and competing. It’s a CREATORS game.

Creation takes a ton of work. The demands are high. The requirements placed on those who desire to make a mark as creators are high. That’s why so many try the easy way – by taking, destroying, conquering, etc. To become a CREATOR you must learn how to reach and share value. Value is within – and there’s no forcing it out. The “IT” of course is your PURPOSE. Your passion. The unique dream that only you can realize, create, and share with the world. It’s something the world desperately needs.

So before stepping outside into the world at the start of your day, ask yourself “How can I honor life today by sharing my best me? 

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Do That Thing

Who would you be without the risks you’ve taken?

And who would you be if you chose never to take a risk again?…

Positive risks-what are they?… They are the experiences that stretch, push, and inspire our growth. They are essential for change which is the reality of life. We become more fully alive through them. We are rewarded opportunities to taste the pleasures that come with fully participating in life. Sometimes these experiences lead to pain. But pain -or at least discomfort- is part of the process of growth. If we hope to experience anything new if life we have to let go of the old – and that hurts a bit. But this is only natural. Try finding one single example of success in nature without struggle and pain. This is the process that allows us to become bigger, better, bolder, wiser, and stronger.

Surrendering to fear for the sake of comfort is a tremendous RISK too, however. By attempting to avoid risk we may miss out on truly living. We may fall into a pattern of existence and thereby miss activating hidden strengths, talents, insights, and genius. Life rewards the players from the bottom up.

So… Here’s a wake up call.  You remember that thing you told yourself you could never do… It’s time to do that! 

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Stop Waiting.

The time is always now!

For what, you ask?…

Happiness and fulfillment! Millions, perhaps billions have missed out because of a misunderstanding on where the opportunity is. And many more left earth without understanding this one key concept. They expected that tomorrow would happen and that the pains and fears of their yesterday’s would suddenly and magically clear up. But procrastination, they discovered, is a lie and destroyer of dreams, lives, and futures.

Peace, joy, love, fulfillment, abundance, and happiness all live in the NOW! This truth is easily observable. Study the lives of successful people, anywhere- from great business leaders, standout achievers, world-class creators, and spiritual masters. Here’s what you’ll discover. They ALL take advantage of the present moment. They live there. They act now.  And much of what they strive to do is focused on improving the effectiveness and quality of their connection to the present moment. Why?… Because opportunity lives there.

The next move. The right investment. Peace. Enlightenment. It’s all there.

They know the wellspring of meaning, success, and abundance is the present moment. So if you have a dream, goal, or vision for your success and happiness and are not acting on it- get started. NOW! If you’re afraid to leap, that’s ok. Just simply take a step. Any step, even a baby step. What’s important is that you move forward. You’re willingness to act NOW is what matters. This starts the process to unleash the magic and power of the present moment! 

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Amazing Outside, Amazing Inside Too

Why is it so easy to be amazed by the beauty outside of ourselves and not see it within?…

Think of the last time you looked at a mountain, coastline, or bird in flight and thought, “that’s just not right.”

Likely that hasn’t happened. If it has, oh well. Move along to the next article.  

The reason that doesn’t happen is it’s obvious that nature doesn’t make mistakes. But why are we’re so quick to exclude ourselves from that mix? We are also a part of nature!  We are packed full of amazing just like everything else we see in life. Granting ourselves this simple yet important courtesy is a powerfully positive act. If we refuse to do it, we deny our very nature.  And then we suffer.  

So do yourself a favor. If you are judging yourself, stop. If you’re telling yourself that you’re somehow uniquely flawed, broken, or incapable, STOP.  You are not.  You are exactly who and what you’re supposed to be. Start giving yourself the credit you deserve. You are a truly remarkable being.  You and I have been granted a gift that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom (or so it seems). We are able to see and acknowledge the beauty of all things! In case you missed it, that’s sorta a rarity!

So the next time you pause to take in a mind blowing sunset, a picture-perfect landscape, or any other of the billions of miracles of life, save some awe and wonderment for yourself!

Amazing outside, amazing inside too!

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