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Return of Soul

So, I officially relaunched the Quantum Health, Healing, and Happiness Podcast, otherwise known as QH3 (Q-H CUBED). You can listen to the announcement ->>HERE<<- if you’d like. 

I’d launched this show back in 2012 to explore the work of folks pushing the envelope in holistic healing. An emerging field some call Quantum healing.  But I ended up falling in love with the art of podcasting! I loved everything about it, soup to nuts, from the technology to the marketing. I am creative soul, but for some reason didn’t see this coming. It hadn’t expected it, but I’d gotten my first glimpse into my opportunity in the media world.

At that point I was serving as a faculty member at a small university called The Graduate Institute.

It was a nontraditional role, more of a mentorship than a professorship, and the school was filled with atypical routes of study, such as Consciousness Studies, Ecotherapy, and Integrative Health and Healing. I’d been working in an agency settings as a therapist for a few years and knew it would not be enough. I’d felt limited, as therapy is not healing and I’d been growing as healer for years. There’s alot of barriers to work around in traditional therapy settings. I’m also eternally curious. So when I discovered the Institute I made a plan and to get myself in the door. When I put my mind to something I tend to deliver. Within a few weeks I was on the faculty staff. What’s funny is I’d by driving past the institute for years, while working at agency just a few miles down the road. It was an adventurous structure, resembling a Frank Loyd Wright kind of thing, but I’d never looked into it. I figured it was some far out architecture firm or office space. It was a good illustration of the principle that great opportunities are often hide in plain sight.  So I was totally flabbergasted with I saw the names attached, as I’d been following some of their work for years, people like Carolynn Myss, Bernie Seigel, Rupert Sheldrake, and Brian Luke Seaward. I knew I had to be there. 

So with most passion projects, my time there ended up being both challenging and rewarding. I was balancing a private practice, mostly full-time employment at a treatment center, as well as an ambitious research project on the side. The research was inspired by Rupert Sheldrake’s work, and a Psychologist practicing out of Argosy University named John Klimo. It began as an innocent investigation into what was happening with channeling, but evolved into something much bigger. I basically was knocked out by the quality of information coming through, and it the end my colleague and I ended up developing a process that resembled Gary Weiss’s past life regression work, somewhat. Except we had a trauma release process tossed in. My colleague and I called it “threading.” I’ll likely write more about that experience later in this blog.

So being at the Grad Institute turned out to be incredibly valuable. I got to spread my wings as a facilitator, teacher, and researcher, and also got to share the stage with some of these greats I mentioned. Not only was I expanding my skill-set, I was growing and testing my abilities alongside these leaders in the field. I gained a alotl of confidence there, as many of my deeper instincts about service and healing was validated by people I respected. I couldn’t have gotten that level of confirmation anywhere else. 

Eventually I transitioned out the institute and moved into a demanding professional role with less freedom. I then dropped the QH3 podcast.  After years working as a working faciltator in a corporate setting, I made a plan to exit and launch my own brand. This process was years in the making. When I finally launched I started production on a show that I thought would be better suited for mainstream consumption. This turned out to be a huge assumption, and I learned a ton about marketing your message in the first 6 months. I was antiquated with the fact that life liked to provide reminders when I chose to stray too far from my healing path. So I ran into more than a few brick walls in the first year. Or so it seemed.

The big aha came during and after my son was hospitalized due to the rapid onset of RSV and Pneumonia. That was a major soul shaker, but adding to the difficulty was my revisiting the realities of today’s medical system.  I am infinitely grateful for what we can do with modern medicine, and the progress that science grants us.  But hospital. I was reminded that there’s still I plenty of work to do. So, I decided right then I’d do my part to help keep the conversation about holistic health and healing going. As I see it, there’s always room for more soul in science. So that’s the story why QH3 is now live.

For those of you interested in interviews, I just finished up the video intro for my interview with Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. I was lucky enough to share some time with him in Mexico while co-facilitating a wonderful excursion for clients. It’s a short interview with some fun storytelling thrown in. While editing I was reminded of how powerful a family tradition can be when shared. 50 years or so ago Miguel’s father took a huge leap by sharing the wisdom of the Toltecs with the world. Which by the way, wasn’t well received by the Toltec community. But thanks to his courage, the world was changed. I find it fascinating that Miguel is now teaching a system of thinking that’s as equally relevant today as it was almost 6,000 years ago! It’s simply magical, and a great illustration of the timelessness of true wisdom. Wisdom, to me, seems the science of all sciences. It’s principles predate the best of what we see in culture. It seems our modern sciences are confirming more of that each day, but there’s still some catching up to do. It points to the fact that “truth” has a life of its own. And that our culture is hungry for more than information and ideas, we’re drowning in those. We hunger for wisdom within the marketplace. So I found myself inspired, and very excited about the direction I’m heading with my brand. I know there’s a place to bring soul to the science of achievement.  People seem to want it, and this seems the right time and place.

So, click  ->>INTERVIEW<<– and you’ll be whisked to the QH3 Youtube page. You can watch the interview there.   

Alright, that’s the end of this spin.

Stay soulful citizens!

Here’s a link to my interviews with world-renowned healer Don Miguel Ruiz Jr and Shaman Jon Rassmussen if you want to check them out. I also tossed in the Youtube video of my chat with Miguel. I hope you enjoy!  

Crush It Vs Create It

What do you think?… Is life isn’t about taking, crushing, mincing, dicing, destroying, and conquering?

Or is life about learning how to participate? Challenges, as difficult as they may be, ultimately provide an opportunity to learn how to become better collaborators with life. And collaboration doesn’t work all too well when we’re crushing and competing. It’s a CREATORS game.

Creation takes a ton of work. The demands are high. The requirements placed on those who desire to make a mark as creators are high. That’s why so many try the easy way – by taking, destroying, conquering, etc. To become a CREATOR you must learn how to reach and share value. Value is within – and there’s no forcing it out. The “IT” of course is your PURPOSE. Your passion. The unique dream that only you can realize, create, and share with the world. It’s something the world desperately needs.

So before stepping outside into the world at the start of your day, ask yourself “How can I honor life today by sharing my best me? 

Want to listen to an episode about this? Click here to listen to my podcast 

Stop Waiting.

The time is always now!

For what, you ask?…

Happiness and fulfillment! Millions, perhaps billions have missed out because of a misunderstanding on where the opportunity is. And many more left earth without understanding this one key concept. They expected that tomorrow would happen and that the pains and fears of their yesterday’s would suddenly and magically clear up. But procrastination, they discovered, is a lie and destroyer of dreams, lives, and futures.

Peace, joy, love, fulfillment, abundance, and happiness all live in the NOW! This truth is easily observable. Study the lives of successful people, anywhere- from great business leaders, standout achievers, world-class creators, and spiritual masters. Here’s what you’ll discover. They ALL take advantage of the present moment. They live there. They act now.  And much of what they strive to do is focused on improving the effectiveness and quality of their connection to the present moment. Why?… Because opportunity lives there.

The next move. The right investment. Peace. Enlightenment. It’s all there.

They know the wellspring of meaning, success, and abundance is the present moment. So if you have a dream, goal, or vision for your success and happiness and are not acting on it- get started. NOW! If you’re afraid to leap, that’s ok. Just simply take a step. Any step, even a baby step. What’s important is that you move forward. You’re willingness to act NOW is what matters. This starts the process to unleash the magic and power of the present moment! 

Want to listen to an episode about this? Click here to listen to my podcast 

Amazing Outside, Amazing Inside Too

Why is it so easy to be amazed by the beauty outside of ourselves and not see it within?…

Think of the last time you looked at a mountain, coastline, or bird in flight and thought, “that’s just not right.”

Likely that hasn’t happened. If it has, oh well. Move along to the next article.  

The reason that doesn’t happen is it’s obvious that nature doesn’t make mistakes. But why are we’re so quick to exclude ourselves from that mix? We are also a part of nature!  We are packed full of amazing just like everything else we see in life. Granting ourselves this simple yet important courtesy is a powerfully positive act. If we refuse to do it, we deny our very nature.  And then we suffer.  

So do yourself a favor. If you are judging yourself, stop. If you’re telling yourself that you’re somehow uniquely flawed, broken, or incapable, STOP.  You are not.  You are exactly who and what you’re supposed to be. Start giving yourself the credit you deserve. You are a truly remarkable being.  You and I have been granted a gift that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom (or so it seems). We are able to see and acknowledge the beauty of all things! In case you missed it, that’s sorta a rarity!

So the next time you pause to take in a mind blowing sunset, a picture-perfect landscape, or any other of the billions of miracles of life, save some awe and wonderment for yourself!

Amazing outside, amazing inside too!

Want to listen to an episode about this? Click here to listen to my podcast 

Jump. Today and Everday

Every day we have to jump.

But who do we jump for? And why? For whom do you take the risk?

Questions like these can help blow through the barriers and fears that comes with taking risks for ourselves in life. There are risks, always, but the reality is that we take risks daily for others that don’t benefit us at all. The safety we like to imagine comes from depending on others is an illusion keep us from taking any true risk. We are equally susceptible to loss and failure living to build some one else’s dream. But the real risk comes in living out a life where we have cheated ourselves of our dreams and growth because of our FEAR of FEAR itself.

Jump today folks. Jump!


Want to listen to an episode about this? Click here to listen to my podcast 

Life Seeks Adventure.

What does it mean to be alive?.. To truly connect, grow, and evolve our lives and relationships?

It’s easy to bury powerful questions like these while attending to our daily lives. Life can become a relentless pursuit of the things we hope and imagine will deliver us our dreams. One way to bypass the chase and recharge your body, mind, and spirit is to PLUG back into the basics. And I mean the basic basics. Go primal! Unwind by allowing yourself to engage the thrill of a genuine adventure. So fire up your instincts, you were created to explore! Each of us is hard wired to not to just survive – BUT THRIVE! And adventure is the gateway to thriving. Or if you’re already fully engaged in a purposeful life, give yourself permission to do things differently. Even if just for a couple of days, shift and seek out an entirely new adventure. Learning happens in the space EXPLORATION, so it’s important to try things that are NEW. LIFE surges and seeks out the UNKNOWN spaces to make use of them. Life’s very purpose is to thrive there! Apply this to your own life. Supercharge your success and happiness journey by diving into a true unknown. Fire up your spirit for a genuine adventure! 

Watch the video for this Daily Insight below:


Don’t quit, let go!

How do I know when it’s time double down on a commitment or push through? I had to learn this lesson the hard way. At 19 I voluntarily exited the Navy SEALS program. I secretly languished over my decision for months before ringing out.

One thing I came to realize is there’s a big difference between quitting and letting go.

Quitting is often a byproduct of fear. Because I feel stuck or overwhelmed I say, “I guess I was never meant to do this!” So I create a phony belief to support my fears and self doubt. I AVOID the pain of the moment as well as a confrontation with my false beliefs.

So how can I tell a desire to QUIT from a genuine need to let go? Consider these guidelines:A quit always detracts from the self. Power, energy, confidence, and self esteem is drained. I lose the I need energy to live my life and fulfill my dreams.

Letting go, on the other hand, is life affirming – an investment in the self. As I move forward I GAIN ENERGY, confidence, and the clarity needed to realize my dreams. 

We are all human. People make mistakes. It’s healthy to acknowledge that fact. By letting go I allow myself to be flexible and use my choices to embrace opportunities that better honor and serve my needs. Adjustments are part of a path to purpose. Letting go isn’t a quit. It’s often a very difficult step. It takes COURAGE TO INVEST IN A MORE AUTHENTIC AND BETTER ME. The EGO would prefer that we believe we don’t make mistakes.

So if you are considering stepping away from a commitment -first off, don’t rush! Good decisions are SLOW in the making. If you hitch your wagon to a passing feeling, you could be in for a painful ride. So ask yourself “do I have a larger vision I’m moving towards? Does it serve, honor, and empower a better me. Can I better serve those those I love? If the answer is YES you are likely preparing to LET GO.  

And do BE AWARE because big steps like these can generate alot of fear. It takes courage to adjust and carve out an AUTHENTIC path. Also be prepared for judgement. Just because you’re aligned with your vision doesn’t mean others are. Remind yourself that the thoughts and opinions of others are OUTSIDE your control. Falling into the trap of doing things to make others happy will get you stuck all over again.

Want to listen to an episode about this? Click here to listen to my podcast 

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