About the founder

Hi folks, my name's Jerry. I'm a passionate dad, therapist, and creative founder of a media brand that produces stories to grow and flow on. I'm an uplifter at heart and I love to do it through story. 

Where does all this come from?...

I've always been curious and easily inspired by life. This has led to some adventures and misadventures along the way. For instance I've had Killer Whales for friends, led young men in the wilderness, played in bands, treated MD's to shoe salesman, and guided those beautiful souls caught in addiction into recovery. I've also been attacked by a Bald Eagle, publicly humped by a dolphin, washed out of Navy SEALS at 19, and had a few other wipeouts chasing dreams along the way.

The best adventure by far has come with being the father of a wonderful boy with Down Syndrome named Gus.  The day he was born I discovered miracles. I'm not sure what this kid did, but everything changed. He's a great teacher who has impacted the way I see just about everything. 

What's this brand about?

Life stories and great leaps of innovation.

Most shows feature the stories of influential people making an impact. Many are creatives and innovators, folks that started as the weirdos and geeks in school but now are busy redefining the cultures of success and happiness. Others are explorers and adventurers pushing limits. They are overcoming wipeouts and in the process making new discoveries.  Why?... Firstly I relate to these people. Secondly, they know the impossible is possible. They've faced the seemingly impossible challenges and made the adjustments along the way. So I use my skillset to deep dive their hearts and minds and tease of their creative leaps.  Then I produce uplifting stories that entertain.

The TOOWi Mission

I hope everyone who comes across a TOOWi story leaves feeling rewarded for the time they invested.  I want the content to reflect the magic and beauty of the people that lived the experiences behind the stories we produce. I hope listeners simply get inspired to ask their next big question, or take one step forward in their success and happiness journey.

Well that's a start. Hope that gives a clearer picture of the spirit behind the TOOWi brand.

Thanks for vising today! I hope you enjoy the stories.  More importantly, I hope you enjoy the story you are writing with your life daily.

Grace to fill your sails,



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Location: Collinsville, Connecticut

Favorite Pastimes: time with my boy, nature, all things water, noodling with new media

I work with creatives and sensitive VIPs.

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