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Hello, I am Jerry Gaura.

I'm a passionate dad, coach, creator, healer, and therapist, and also a media producer focused on inspiring people through challenges big and small. Basically, I'm busy trying to help people unleash new levels of their amazing; body, mind, and soul. I do that by creating media for soulful citizens. And generally, just by helping out.

Where does my mission come from?...

Well, I've always been deeply curious and inspired by nature and life. This resulted in some interesting early adventures, and some not-so-interesting misadventures. For instance, I've worked with Killer Whales, guided  young men in the wilderness, and survived the real but temporary humiliation of washing out of US Navy SEALS. But I've also painted houses, catered to celebrities, wrote financial news copy, and cold-called people like heck during their family dinner times.

The best adventure to date arrived when I became the father of a wonderful boy with Down Syndrome named Gus.  That's the day I got my miracle.  That's us goofing off below.

Gus is four years old and takes the cake at this whole amazing thing. Actually, both him and his mother do. Playing dad to Gus was a big factor in my decision to launch my first podcast, which focused on the stories of Overcomers. For me that led to a bigger ambition of building a brand to empower people on their change and transformation journeys. That's where the TOOWi brand comes in. But all my work is basically grounded in the deep wisdom and learning that comes from Overcoming.

What's an Overcomer?...

These are folks that have the experiences and tools to show you that the impossible is possible.  They've faced the seemingly impossible situations and came out better because of it. They have the experiences to back up their insights, not just fuzzy anecdotes or wishful thinking. And they're resilient enough to brush off the judgments and lack of imagination of others.

The goal is to point you back to your own inner resources. I want to help you see that greatness is your true default. I hope by hearing these stories you'll begin to let go of the false stories you no longer want running your life.

So there you go. The story behind my mission to create a brand to inspire and empower people to become the masters of their own change and destiny.  As the brand grows, I aim to serve my local and global community through special projects and programs. Sign up for the newsletter if you want to learn more about the relationships I'm developing there.


Being a media geek in general, I've run into an obvious truth. People learn better when entertained! So I try going the extra mile to create content that is first grounded in the truth of real experience, but is also fresh, real, useful, and fun. My goal is to leave you feeling rewarded for the time you've invested here, as both you and I know you can't get it back!

I also strive to take you deeper in my interviews. As a therapist and healer, I believe it's important to learn about the mindsets and also the heart-sets of the people behind these change stories.  In the end I hope to spark a process that leads each listener on a path of discovery to find their own answers about life.

So I guess that’s it.  I hope it helped clarify a few things and inspired you to have a look.

So, dive in.  Take what’s useful and leave what's not.  And if you enjoy somethings, please share it! Sharing helps to build great communities. And I aim to do my part to share what I have for the greater good.

Stay great,


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