About Me

Hello, I am Jerry Gaura.

I'm a passionate dad, coach, creator, healer, therapist, and founder of a brand that creates media for soulful citizens. Basically, I'm busy helping people unleash new levels of their amazing on the world.

Where does my mission come from?...

Well, I've always been deeply curious and inspired by life. This led to some interesting adventures and a few misadventures along the way. For instance, I've had Killer Whales and dolphins for friends, worked alongside sages like Don Miguel Ruiz Jr and Dr Bernie Seigel, shared stages with bands like The Drive By Truckers, and survived a big bounce after washing out of US Navy SEALS. But I've also painted houses, catered to celebrities, wrote financial news copy, and cold-called people like heck during their family dinner times.  

The best adventure to date arrived when I became the father of a wonderful boy with Down Syndrome named Gus.  That's the day I got my miracle.  Gus sparked my decision to launch the TOOWi Media brand. That's us goofing off below, by the way.

Gus takes the cake at this whole amazing thing. Playing dad to this kid inspired a stream of bigger ambitions.  Everything I do, whether hosting, coaching, or creating is grounded in the deep wisdom that comes from learning to overcome challenges on the path to FLOWING with life. 

Who do I seek out?...

Most of the show's I produce feature soulful innovators that know the impossible is possible.  Basically I seek out "flow people." They've faced the seemingly impossible situations and made the adjustments to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and free.  They're resilient enough to have thrived despite the lack of imagination of others.

The goal is to point you back to your own inner resources through the stories flow people. I want to everyone to see the miracle they carry, that greatness is our true default, and that guidance is available if we choose to use it.

So there you go. The story behind my mission to create a brand to inspire and empower people to become the masters of their destiny.  


TOOWi creates media for soulful citizens.  Podcasts, ads, and multimedia that straddles the entertainment and spirituality marketplaces. Being a media geek in general, I've run into an obvious truth. People learn better when they're genuinely entertained! So I try going the extra mile to create content that's first grounded in real experience, but also fresh, challenging, insightful, uplifting, and fun! I hope to leave audiences feeling rewarded for the time they invested in a piece of content. 

Bottom line, as a creator and freedom facilitator, I love learning about the hearts and minds behind inspired change.  I love deep diving the evolution of successful and happy people. In the end I hope to spark a thought, idea, or perhaps a process that leads people to their next question and next step.  

So I guess that’s it.  I hope it inspired you in some way to come have a look. 

Dive in, take what’s useful, and forget what's not. And feel free to reach out to touch base or ask a question! ->>> community@toowimedia.com

Grace to fill your sails today and everyday,


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