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Party High and Low.

A good way to overcome fear, tension, self-doubt and frustration is by celebrating where you’re at.  Why? Gratitude encourages your ego to take a back seat. The reality is the journey of success and happiness is filled with UPS and DOWNS.  Each is important and critical to realizing your vision and achieving your goals.  So rather than reserve your celebrations for the achievements, add energy to the journey by celebrating where you are at today. No matter what circumstance you find yourself validate your belief that you are EXACTLY where you need to be! 

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.  

– Brian Tracy

Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy and serenity. 

– Thich Nhat Hanh

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A Good Result.

Do you need a reliable way of determining progress in your life?… Consider turning to INSPIRATION as a measure.  We typically measure progress by how much we’ve done, or by how many things we share and get in return. We even do this with our relationships, as we like to base how good things are by how much we get from one another, which is known as a quid pro quo exchange. Because of this we get stuck in a zone where we only act only to GET SOMETHING, which means I only give because there’s an underlying intention to take. But consider the difference you can make if you shifted your intentions entirely. What if your motive was simply to inspire?  And what if you based the quality of any relationship you have based upon how much you inspired them to inspire others in return? How would this impact your life?

The motive creates a VALUE shift because there’s now an intention to add VALUE to the world.  In value exchanges there are no needs for limits or end goals, the point behind the investment is to become part of a bigger relationship to life where collaboration and cultures of growth can thrive.  People are invited out SURVIVAL MODE to a life where they can THRIVE. The bottom line is a value shift benefits everybody as people are unleashed to share their best selves with the world. Abundance tends to follow, as people, marriages, families, communities, and economies are given a genuine motive and reason to invest in each other from both sides. 

So, apply this thought to your journey of success and happiness today. Ask a hard question, “what am I doing that’s inspiring others to INSPIRE, GROW and SHARE inspiration and value in return?”

So, apply this thought to your journey of success and happiness today. Ask a hard question, “what am I doing that’s inspiring others to INSPIRE, GROW and SHARE inspiration and value in return?”


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Why Dream?

I’ve worked with too many people to miss this KEY FACT of life. Everyone has a dream and that dream is sacred. Your dream is a gift and you have everything you need to make it a reality! I’ve seen so much suffering come from people who try to escape their dreams or deny having them. A dream is like a hungry and powerful animal – it will hunt you down. It doesn’t matter how difficult your life circumstances. In fact; becoming a victim to life just adds power to the hunt – running away just confirms your helplessness! More difficulties tend to arise as if LIFE itself rises up to hold YOU accountable to realizing your dreams.  Those that get the lesson eventually discover that a life divorced from their dreams is meaningless. BUT for those that don’t get the message but want to – there is always HOPE! The truth is you CAN NEVER really divorce YOUR DREAM.  A dream, even unrealized, was created by you and is YOURS and YOURS only. It’s always willing to take you back!

How do you do that?…

First, you have to summon the courage to turn and face your dream.  The picture I used of the stalking LIONESS in this post is meant to represent how scary this seems. She looks scary because she’s hungry and locked on -she’s not going away! Trying to run or ignore this fact isn’t an option, you do that with a hunting lion and you just confirm you’re an easy lunch! The only choice is to turn and face the music. That means you will have to overcome your fears, maybe they are  connected to the imagined consequences that come with committing to a dream, or the uncertainties about your convictions about your purpose and passion. Maybe you fear losing every damn thing. Maybe you fear failure! But a decision to turn and face your dream can change everything. If you’re having a hard time, try this exercise. I WANT YOU TO SHOCK YOUR OLD, OUTDATED, WOBBLY, BELIEF SYSTEM. ANNOUNCE OU LOUD (preferably behind a closed door) your intention. Say “I am ready to take charge of my dream!” Scream it like your lost the farm if you need to. Announcing your intention OUT LOUD sends a signal to the most powerful you (and the UNIVERSE) that you are READY TO SHOW UP TO LIFE!” That’s when the floodgates open. This is the moment of transformation that you go from ordinary to extraordinary. YOU switch on and activate your AMAZING!



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Live Lightly.

Letting go of the idea that we need to suffer is a hard one. Suffering WILL happen, no doubt.

And there will certainly be good times and bad, but you actually have a choice of whether or not you will INVEST in suffering.

Learning to control FEELINGS is a key part of that.  FEELINGS are powerful life amplifier but they do not make decisions in your life. YOU DO! You determine the ultimate direction of your life though the power of your choices. A tip to take charge of your feelings is to invest in the mantra “BE LIGHT!” The next time you FEEL lost, confused, or maybe even angry, don’t invest in the funnel of despair, choose to bring yourself up.  A good way to do this is by acting “as if.” Act like you you have the solution you need! Embody the SPIRIT of the solution too! Walk like you have the answer, talk like it, feel what it’s like to BE this version of you.  This action invites in new energy, perspective, and actions. It’s also the antidote to difficult feelings, as they can’t live in the same space as a solution.  Soon your biology will catch up with head, and you decision to live in the light of a solution will influence positive state changes.  The difficult feelings will melt away and new feelings will arrive to match the mindset you’ve taken on.

So exercise your choice to be in the light today!

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Do Different.

As the saying goes, “nothing changes if nothing changes.” If you’re looking to make a leap in your success and happiness journey give yourself permission to do things differently. Honestly assess what is working and what’s not and then make a CHANGE. If you’re stuck and having trouble identifying what needs to change, seek out help. This can be hard for leaders and achievers to do, and a difficult pattern to change. Reliable mentors and guidance along the way is key, and the action to SEEK support serves as an important signal that invites other positives energies and changes to occur. So go be great today and don’t just be different, do different today!


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Do You 

Everybody wants the fastest route to success and happiness. A shortcut, method, technique, or secret tool recovered from a past enlightened age. What if the quickest route is through YOU! Pure unrestrained, unfiltered, ON FIRE YOU! This is the YOU with unlimited power and potential. To get there, however, you may have to UNLEARN some things. You’ll also have fully ACCEPT yourself and go toe to toe with your FEARS. But unlearning all the b.s. you’ve bought into about what you CAN and CAN’T do is a worthwhile trip. Be courageous today folks – BE YOU! 🐲

Slow Downs Amplify Life

My son is my greatest teacher. Why? Because he laughs openly and freely and lives life in touch with life. He doesn’t seek out opportunities to laugh, he brings them with him. He’s a master at this – and it comes naturally. Not so much for me! While I’m happy and love life, I’m constantly practicing the art of getting back to the state my son finds himself in. Pure BEING.  Some of the ways I do this is by staying open and flexible to life. I grab onto the fleeting moments which allow me to visit my simpler nature. Typically these are things like sharing a hug, or hitting my stride in run – laughing out loud with my family or son. I consider these “BEING Amplifiers” – as they refresh me and point me back to my TRUE NORTH.

So my encouragement for each of you is find an amplifier. Recharge. Laugh out loud, find a one teeny, tiny space to let go. Reboot and return refreshed to the world ! Stay great everyone- enjoy your weekend! 

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