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We start conversations with innovators mastering the art of the feel good game.

Latest Episodes

May, 2018

Shannon Walbren: The Voice In The Desert

by QH3 Podcast

Shannon Walbran hears a booming voice in the Sinai desert while working at a United Nations conference.

April, 2018

David Wolf: The Million Dollar Bagel Bet

by Pioneers Of Insight

Veteran music producer David Wolf shares the disasters that followed his decision to take on his cousin's bankrupt bagel business, and the breaking point that led him back to his passion.

May 2018

Jon Rasmussen: From Silicon Valley to Celebrity Shaman

by Pioneers of Insight

West-Coast Shaman Jon Rasmussen tells the story of how he left the fast-paced world of Silicon Valley to become a shaman and celebrity healer making guest appearances with stars like Rob Lowe.




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